Summary: Spiritual maturity is a process and if we allow the Spirit of God to help us deal with our weaknesses, He will create something beautiful out of our lives and show us the true potential we have when we submit our lives to Him.

God’s Forming Process

Ensuring Biblical success that lasts

God is forming your tomorrow

Whenever God gives you a word for the future, He will always give you a road map to the future. We are individually on a journey and God is taking us to a good place. When you are faithful and live a life of devotion to the Lord, He will never take you to a place of shame or failure. He will always take you to a place where you are magnified and you can glorify God. You are the living witness and testimony of who Jesus is and God forms you so that you can be the image of who He is.

It can be said that initially, we are not very good ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. But as we submit patiently to God’s forming process in our lives, we will begin to be transformed more and more into the image of Christ. This takes time and patience. God wants to form our tomorrow so that we can experiences Biblical success that lasts.

I believe that every born-again Spirit-filled child of God should experience success. Perhaps you have failed in the past, but that does not mean that He will not shape your future into something beautiful. At times we run so far ahead of God that we leave God behind and our lives become a mess. But God in His goodness and mercy always brings us a few paces back so that we can follow His process, because He is always busy working in our lives.

The Bible says that God formed Adam from the dust of the earth. Everything starts out with a creative process and it makes us realize that we are only dust, no matter who or what we think we are. We are no more than mere dust.

God formed Adam from the dust of the earth. We are imperfect vessels and have so many weaknesses. But God created each one of us special and unique. He has good plans for our lives. God’s hands were upon us when we were in our mother’s womb and He has never stopped forming us.

We are all different because we have different assignments. Do not try to be someone else because when God’s fingers shaped you in your mother’s womb, He formed you so that you could perform a unique function.

But you need to know that the hands of God are still on your life and He has never stopped forming you.

Philippians 1:6 - Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ

Whatever God makes is beautiful and wonderful. God may take a long time but be patient and allow God to take that time in your life because He is perfecting that which concerns Him.

Sometimes we believe that we have to work very hard in order to please God. But God knows that you are never going to come up to His standard. If you will allow God to do a work in your life, you will not have to work so hard trying to please Him.

God has given the New Testament church anointed leaders that help Him to form Christ in each of us. He is still forming our mouth, our ears, our feet, etc., until Christ is fully formed in us. It is a process and it takes time.

You must do your part

God is taking you to a place of success. He is taking you to a good place. So just be patient and allow God to place His fingers on your life and form you.

But this is a two-way process. In order for this to work we will have to cooperate with His process. God will never do anything in our lives unless we give Him permission and make ourselves available for Him to do a work in us. We can work against what He wants or we can work with Him. It comes down to a simple choice. We can either work with God or we can oppose His efforts to form us.

Most unhappy people are those going through a forming process reluctantly. Many Christians have an identity crisis because they are not who God wants them to be. As He forms you, you will begin to change from glory to glory. We cannot fit into our yesterday. We can only fit into our tomorrow.

A person who has been accepted into college has the potential to pass. The entrance requirements of any college are set so that every person that is accepted by them has the potential to pass. But sadly not everybody passes. Any student who fails at college probably did not cooperate with the forming process.

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