Summary: This is an encourgaing message about how God is always going to be there for you.


**** 2 Thessalonians 3:3 says… “ But the lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.

* Question-- who is going to care more about you and your soul??

-- Not your friends

-- not your girl/boy friend

-- not your co-workers

-- not your boss

People to day sadly, they really don’t care, they look at themselves and others and they have a mentality of “at least that’s not me.”

* People will say they care. Do they?

*people say they love you. Do they?

-- My mom use to tell me a saying and it’s so true, But actions really do speak louder than words.

But not God, he is faithful and he loves us.

Today in this world so many people look to:





Any thing that will make them happy and fill there void. (trust me I know.)

But you know what God gave his son because he loves us.

-- God says to seek him. Moreover God says that when you seek you shall find!!!!

**** No drug, sex, beer, nothing gives me that high like Jesus.

This love that the world is giving some is a love of sin, and is only temp.

When the _______ wears off they fill lost, and empty and hurting again.


-20 min of sex



The devil is showing them the fun but not the finale price tag of there fun which is death. But God shows us that we can live a full and fun life but yet still have an afterlife of joy and life, an eternity spent with Jesus!!!

Jesus tells us to “taste and see that he is good”

And he is!!!

--- Listen, God never told us that it was going to be easy, he never told us that the temptations would not come forth

** But he did promise that he would be there for us.

He says that “I will never leave nor forsake you.)

--- Remember this:

- when temptations come >> he will never leave you.

- when you think of saying something wrong>> you have the power to speak life and death in your tong.

- when you think of doing something you should not>> think about the nails and the cross, and the crown of thorns that Jesus worn for you.

*Gods love for us is never ending,

If his love was to end, then the world would no longer be here.

But no he sent his son because he loved us and didn’t want to see his creation destroyed and die.

____ He is a God of a second Chance.

In 2 thes.3:3 What God is basically saying is that:

-You can trust him

-And that he has got your back

(if he be for me who can be against me)

The world is showing men/women/boy/girl/teen, its showing them there version of love.

-- shame on us.

** Christians and so called Christians are to blame:

We allow:

- Abortions

-drugs ( filling the streets and kid’s hands)


*We have allowed this to happen and we sit back and we let the world go by without even thinking about there future which will be death!!!

*We need to start showing them the love of Jesus!!

After all:

Matthew 28:19 he says go, but remember that ill be there

So ….. Gods got your back!!

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