Summary: In times of difficult trials or storms,how are you going to maintain your walk with Him? Job is a good example for us to look at

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Job Chapter 1

God’s Grace Is Sufficient

Introduction: The book describes Job as being a blameless and up right man, and one who

feared God, he consumed a Considerable fortune. Job had a big family lots of children as well as live stock Job’s reputation was very much respected. One might conclude Job’s got it made one might even say that he has everything. But even with our lives if this describes you suppose then as time goes and you lose it all. Suppose you’ve gone 3 months to a year and things have been doing great, and from out of know where you lose it all your job, your home, your family. The question is Are You Still Going To Maintain You’re Walk With God?? Will You Be Able TO Rely On Him?? Job is an excellent model for us to look at.

A. Gods Grace is sufficient in hard times:

1. In verses 6-12 God is having a conversation with Satin telling God about Job

God knew Satins intent which was to attack Job So God permitted Satin to attack

Job. God loves us but God wants more than believing He wants demonstration,

during all of what job endured, Job blessed God. Job did not lose his faith. Even

though his emotions showed he was human.

2. No matter what kind of trial or hardship we face God is there to give us strength and

protection He gave protection to Paul while in prison, He gave strength to Joseph

while in prison being there of course unfairly. But God supplied each of them strength

and they both held on to there faith.

B. Gods Grace is sufficient when we are obedient through faith

1. I’m sure there are times when trails or storms come our way we have said “Why God

Why me”. Through out my life I’ve said why God. “Why God did you take my father

Why God did you disabilities in me. But with Job he held on to his faith in God notice

Job’s attitude in vv 21-22 he did 2 things. 1 he blessed God’s authority he did not

blame God nor did he curse God. 2 He did not ask why, now there’s nothing wrong

with asking why, Jesus while hanging on the cross asked “My God My God Why has

thou for sakin me. But notice also that God did not give a response, it’s the same with

us, but the response can come to us when we reword the question to How How God is

this going to strengthen my walk with you, how Lord are you going to protect me.

2. Job not only held on to his faith but he also held unto his integrity, Jobe’s wife even

said are you going to keep your integrity? There are people that are around us that

really hate to see us hurt our wives, our children and because they love us they might

encourage us and with good intense say why don’t you give this up. But Job’s wife

was asking Job to do the same, but he didn’t.

C. God’s Grace is sufficient in our weakness

Now Job’s lost his family his house and Job’s week he takes his weakness to God

And Job blesses God in his weakness. By now your probably thinking well that’s Job

im not, we must remember self discipline, we as Christians must be careful with our

emotions. We must also remember our words when under any kind of storm because

bitter words wont make us feal any better.

D. God’s Grace is sufficient through his love:

1. God does love us and when storms do come He wants us to come to Him with

our questions with our emotions. He will show us the way He will not leave us

those are precious words we can stand on. We must remember though He’s not

going to take the trail or storm away but He will be with us.

2. When under trials and storms God shows His love in Hymns, count your blessings

or when in hard times sing, sing those precious words of when peace like a river

attendeith my way, or What a friend we have in Jesus, or I come to the garden alone

He walks with me He talks with me.

In Closing 2.Cor. Gods Grace is sufficient for the for when I am weak he is stong.

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