Summary: PENTECOST 10 (A) - The kingdom of God is our greatest treasure both to value and to share.


August 1, 2010 -

Pentecost 10 -

MATTHEW 13:44-52

INTRO: Our society places certain values on everything that one can see, feel, and touch. All too often the bottom line is connected to a dollar amount. But what is the value of those things that we cannot see, feel, or touch? The value of family and friends is priceless. Our Christian faith is invaluable. The kingdom of God is our most precious possession. Paul describes the difference faith made in his life. "What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ" (PHILLIPIANS 3:8). To “gain” or know Christ makes everything else seem like garbage.


I. Both to value, II. then to share.


A. Jesus uses more parables to teach the difficult by using the easy. The earthly describes the spiritual.

1. Verse 44. A man stumbles upon a treasure in a field. He is not looking for any treasure.

2. Recognizing the value of this treasure the man sells everything and buys the field.

B. Verse 45. This time a merchant is actively seeking the pearl of great price.

1. Verse 46. Finding the pearl brings joy to the merchant. He sells everything to buy it.

2. This is the kingdom of God. It is very valuable. It is worth having. It brings great joy.

C. Verse 47. Jesus describes those who fish. The net is let out. The net is gathered filled with fish.

1. Verse 48. Now the fishermen divide the good fish from the bad. The bad are cast out.

2. God’s kingdom is spread out into the world. Good and bad “fish” are “caught”.

D. Jesus describes the value of the kingdom of God in these parables. What is God’s kingdom? We agree that God’s kingdom is heaven. Heaven is God’s perfect, eternal kingdom. God’s kingdom is also in this world. This world is imperfect, not eternal. Jesus is still the King of both heaven and earth. But God’s kingdom is not political. Churches often blur that line today. Too many get so involved with only worldly causes today they forget the eternal concerns of Christianity. Now there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with concern for society and its needs today. But this cannot be the only focus of a church that is to be concerned about God’s spiritual kingdom. Jesus warns against those who would establish their own kingdom or following disguised as God’s kingdom. "Jesus replied, ‘The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, `Here it is,' or `There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you.’" (LUKE 17:20b, 21). God’s kingdom is within us. God’s kingdom is our faith.

E. Considering God’s kingdom as our faith helps us to remember the value of God’s kingdom. Without faith we are lost and condemned creatures – forever. Purely and simply out of divine love and mercy our heavenly Father gives us faith in his Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, as a gift of the Holy Spirit. We do not deserve to have faith. We simply cannot earn God’s forgiveness. Nor can any of us buy our way into heaven. On our own we are without hope and without heaven. Praise God! "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--not by works, so that no one can boast" (EPHESIANS 2:8,9). God’s kingdom, our faith is our treasure because it is God’s gift to us.

F. This world and our life on earth eventually pass away. This does not stop us from being overly in-volved with the things of this life. As believers our God directs our thoughts and attention the one thing that is needed. "To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind" (ECCLESIASTES 2:26). Rejoice that God gives each of us “wisdom, knowledge and happiness”! The world strives for things they can see, feel, and touch. God freely gives us faith that supplies us with wisdom of eternal life and the knowledge of our Savior’s forgiveness. Knowing that we are members of God’s kingdom brings us happiness – now and forever.


May we remember and always value God’s treasure!


A. Jesus’ parables were spoken to crowds of people. The believers listened, learned, and grew in faith.

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