Summary: PROPOSITION: Because Christ is the Passover Lamb; you need His blood to save you from your sins.

God’s Memorial of Salvation

Exodus 12:12-14

I. You must have a proper understanding of God! Exodus 3

I am the Lord!

A. Who is the Lord?

1. A Self-sustaining fire!


B. What about the other gods?

1. The gods of India.

2. The gods of America.

II. You must believe the warning of the coming judgment! Exodus 3:20; 12:12, 29-30

I will execute judgment!

A. Evil continues to rear its ugly head.

1. Man says, “no evil…just cultural choices.”

2. God says, “there is evil and I will destroy it.”

B. Evil is cut back by the judgment of God.

1. God said to Moses, “I need you to know that I AM”.

2. “I need you to know that I AM will bring judgment.

3. God strikes because of intolerable evil…brings it to nothing…to judgment. Ch 12:29-31

III. You must allow Christ to apply His blood to your sins for salvation. Exodus 12:3-14

I will pass over!

A. Some won’t believe.

1. Pharaoh repeatedly refuses to believe.

2. Pharaoh experiences the results of unbelief.

B. Some will believe.

1. The Israelites believed and acted upon God’s Word.

2. You can believe and act upon God’s Word.

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