Summary: Is God dead? God's not dead. please help me to contact the producers of the movie "Gods not dead" please inform them that I have excellent proof of Gods existence - from the Bible, proving Gods existence it would blow their minds/ for part 2 of the movie

They say: God is not dead? Is He is still in control. So, why then are we experiencing so much suffering and pain here on earth? Does God even care? Is He trying to punish us or did He forget us. Is He really a God of love? Would a God of love allow us to go through pain, death, and hardship? Think about it; Jesus died for our sins, why is Jesus so loving and God not? Scientists say that the earth was created by Evolution and natural selection. Could it be true that the evolution theory is true after all?

Here is a dilemma for you: If the big bang prove to be true. How can it succeed with a lack of order? Sometimes it sounds as if scientists think we came from a rock. They say the rock exploded and the explosion created the Cosmos. – It sounds like a far stretch to me, what do you say? What are they actually saying? They are saying that we were created out of nonliving (inanimate objects). They are saying that Logic appeared out of chaos. And a single cell just appeared. The cell then became DNA and the DNA created a body for itself. They reason that all of this came about without speech, thought or training; neither sight nor foresight. I am hearing them say: We started out as a rock in an explosion, (between a rock and a hard place) and then this rock morphed into a cell which created a brain for itself because it had enough time for everything to fall into place – Anything can happen when enough time is involved they say. So, from this theory I deduce that a rock had enough time to become their creator. MMM? OK, not me though! So given enough time now, through natural selection and the survival of the fittest, human being (with several trillions of cells) were formed out of this single cell. They say that the cell made itself a body to sustain life. All of this supposedly started without a creator; without life, senses, oxygen, veins, arteries, blood, a brain, the spark of life, or any of the other crucial elements needed to sustain life - such as oxygen, food and water! – So, the rock and the explosion created life out of fire and who knows where the rock came from. Exactly how did life survive the explosion? – I tell you what, the Rock is Christ, and He is God, and God is alive (This is Bible- this is truth)

Just remember: When something sounds too ridiculous to be true it usually is!

By the way, I went to the Zoo the other day; saw a primate just sitting there. (Granddaddy) It seemed as if he was deep in thought. I commented - look at that guy; he is contemplating his future. He is wondering: Am I going to turn into a human being or something? Ha Ha? But Utterly Ridiculous, What’s up with nonsensical theories such as this one? Just To think that learned men with sound? minds would fabricate and believe such absurd theories - Why? Just because they don’t want to accept God as Lord of their lives- Afraid they have to submit to His will. –So sad - very sad!

Or are you saying to yourself: if I can’t see it - it’s not there)???

What will you lose if you receive eternal life, happiness and everlasting joy in a world made new??? Huh? THINK! And don’t fool yourself. You will be the looser! “You are cutting of your nose to spite your face” No one but you can help yourself. There is no other person who can see the world through your eyes except yourself! Your experiences will determine your fate. No one can do something for you; you must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Denial won’t help you!

No, In order for a living organism to be able to function, God had to design the complete system at once and intact. Let’s look at an example: A complex system like the eye cannot and will not function unless the entire system is created at the same time. I mean, can the heart evolve without blood – NO! Can the blood evolve without the bones which make blood? – NO. And exactly how long did it take the brain to create neurons to think with and where did the material come from (trial and error (natural selection) won’t work here) How much time did it take create all of the hearts components. (I guess someone will come up with a few gazillion years and everyone will agree and then they will add it to the curriculum) The heart cannot function without the veins and the brain can’t function without the heart – and nothing can function without the spark of life, which came from God –How you would deal with the lack of oxygen,( there aren’t any trees to produce some) and the ozone and so much more. Do you get it?

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