Summary: Christ has redeemed us from sin to make us God’s own people and call us to good work.

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God’s Own People Tit. 2:14

Scripture Reading Tit. 2:11-15

INTRO.: The letter to Titus is a treatise on Christian ethics. It tells about Church organization and the functions and morals of Christians.

2:11-14 provides a theological basis by reminding us of the function of God’s grace in the death of Jesus. God’s grace functions in:

the past. V. 11

the present. V. 12

the future. V. 13

Paul’s point is to say the atonement has a moral power and demand. It affects behavior.

We want to examine how Christ gave Himself to make us His own people and how that affects our behavior.

I. Christ gave Himself:

A. He gave Himself as our teacher:

1. Taught the most profound truth with authority. Everyone recognized it

2. Made it His life’s goal to teach people about the Heavenly Father.

3. He has never been equaled as a teacher.

4. Most notably, He lived by His teachings.

B. He gave Himself as a leader. John 10:14

1. Like a shepherd leads his sheep.

2. He leads by His example. John 8:29

3. His leadership was infallible while on earth. No one could find fault with Him.

C. He gave Himself as a sacrifice:

1. The Lord’s supper reminds us of this.

2. He was the Lamb of God. I Pet. 1:18, 19

3. This points up the moral imperative of the atonement. I Pet. 1:17

II. He gave Himself to make us God’s own people:

A. God had a people all His own: the nation of Israel. Deut. 14:2

1. They rejected His Son, so, God took away their favored position. Luke 20:9-19

2. Their favored position now belongs to the Church. I Pet. 2:9 &10

3. So, we are God’s own people.

B. There are some things unique to the Christian life:

1. Our redemption. V. 14

2. Our blessed hope. V. 13

3. Our style of life. V. 12

4. Living for Jesus is not easy in our society, but no harder than in Roman society of Paul’s day.

C. Our life style should reflect loyalty to God.

1. Don’t embarrass Him. ILLUS.: “Black Snake.”

2. Don’t blaspheme or ridicule God or His people.

3. Our lives reflect God to others as the moon reflects the sun’s light.

III. He died to make us zealous of good works:

A. There is a lot of mistaken zeal in this world.

1. The Jehovah’s Witnesses & Mormons are very zealous.

2. The Jews of Paul’s day were very zealous, as was Paul as a Jew.

3. Christians should have a passion for doing God’s work.

B. There are specific good works we can do

1. Physical things like cooking, visiting sick, repair and maintenance at the Church.

2. Mental things, like teaching and planning.

3. Spiritual tasks, like praying and witnessing.

C. But, most importantly, “good work” is work done in the name of Christ.

1. Col 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

2. Col 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”

3. Attitude is important. God must get the glory for what we do in Christ’s Name.

CONC.: Grace brings redemption, restoration, righteousness and redirection to the life of a Christian. It is more than “just” forgiveness. It calls for a change in our behavior and a new loyalty to Christ.

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