Summary: God expectations


What he Should Not Do.

1. He should not entangle himself with the affairs of this live. v.4.

Some of the things that entangle: Marriage to an unconverted person, or even to a worldly professor. Business partnership with an unconverted man. The entrance upon speculative business enterprises. Running in debt. Romans 13:8. The accumulation of wealth is to most men entanglement. 1 Timothy 6:9,11. Secret societies and questionable pleasure are entanglements that hinder our testimony and impede our welfare.

2. The Christian should not "strive about words." v.14.

3. The servant of the Lord should not strive at all. Content vigorously he may for the great vital truths, but always in a spirit of meekness, gentleness, patience and persuasiveness. v.24.

II. What he Should Do.

1. Aim to please God. v.4 RV.

2. We should "study," or exert ourselves, "be diligent" to present ourselves approved unto God. v.15.

3. "Endure hardness."

4. The one who names the name of Christ should depart from unrighteousness. All sin. v.19 RV.

5. Flee youthful lusts. v.22.

6. While there are some things for the Christian worker to run from, there are others for him to run after. Righteousness, faith, love, peace. How these four are to be pursued the last part of the verse indicates, "with them that call on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart." By prayer.

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