Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A common misunderstanding in our day is that man somehow cooperates with God in bringing about salvation.

God’s plan of salvation.

Rom. 10: 1 -- 21. 08/10/03

Paul is continuing his appeal to the Jewish reader. Paul has already shown them that they had a number of opportunities in the past to enter into God’s salvation. Still, Paul wanted them to know that God is still working to bring them to faith in Jesus. So, this chapter is all about what God is doing to bring men to himself. We are given a clear picture of God’s plan of salvation.

A common misunderstanding in our day is that man somehow cooperates with God in bringing about salvation. People believe they must be good to be accepted. I am all for being good; but salvation comes when we admit we are bad incapable of being good and confess we are bad and through faith receive Jesus.

Let’s examine the text this morning and the first point we find in God’s plan of salvation is JESUS THE SAVIOR REVEALED. Look again at vs. 1 -- 4.

There are a couple of things we discover in these 4 vs. Their Paul talks about the condition of Israel, 1. Paul wants to see them saved. His burden for his kinsman was great. At any time they could be cut off and cast into hell. Every church ought to have a love and a burden for their lost neighbor as Paul did for lost people.

I am glad to report that there are some folks here who are working and praying about ways they will be able to reach out to the lost people. I am glad to be a part of this excitement they have. We also want to do a follow-up on those who have made professions of faith during vacations Bible school. The Lord will bless this effort.

We see also in vs. 2 -- 3, the confusion of Israel. In their desire to please God through their works they missed the truth that God is pleased through faith alone.

In 1738, John Wesley wrote in his journal a detailed account of his spiritual pilgrimage. He wrote as a young boy in the family of a clergyman he had been carefully taught. He was taught that salvation could only be obtained by keeping all the Commandments of God. Over the years at school and the University, he wrote, I hope to be saved by, No. 1, not being as bad as other people. No. 2, having a kind of religion. No. 3, reading the Bible, going to church, saying my prayers. I felt I was a pretty good Christian.

He was eventually ordained as a minister and lived very strictly. Still there was no peace with God. He went as a chaplain to the American Colonies and came under the influence of some Moravian Christians. He concluded what was lacking in his life was a true faith in God. He resolved to renounce all dependence upon his own works of righteousness and turned to a saving faith in the shed blood of Jesus. He knew then he was saved within his spirit.

That was the case of Israel. Sadly, there are many in the same place today. They are trying to be good and please God and earn a place in heaven. But listen! It is not about what we do but about what God has already done for us. The law or being good can never make us righteous. Jesus makes those who trust him by faith righteous.

We see not only Jesus the savior revealed but also JESUS THE SAVIOR RECEIVED. Look in vs. 5 -- 15.

In these vs. Paul talks about the path to salvation. In vs. 5,8 tells it is not in keeping the statutes. Even if you kept all the Commandments perfectly you still have the problem of your sinful nature. Man isn’t a sinner because he sins, man sins because he is a sinner. We are born in sin and I am afraid we prove it by our actions.

It is not in keeping the statutes. It is also not found in the great signs. You find that in vs. 6,7. Paul tells his readers no one needs to look to heaven for signs. No one has to look on earth for some great sign. Jesus came from heaven to make the way clear. He came not only to make the way clear but to be the way.

The path to salvation is not found in keeping the statutes, not in great signs. But the path is found in simple surrender. This is explained in vs. 8 -- 10. Paul reminds us that you brought with you all the necessary parts to go to heaven when you die. You have a heart and you have a mouth. With the heart you believe and with the mouth confession is made that Jesus is Lord.

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