Summary: This sermon encourges Christians not to settle for Earthly power but to tap into power from God.

God’s Power Suit

Luke 24:49 , Acts 1:8, Phil 2:7, Mark 10:45, Matt 10:24-25, Luke 22:24,

John 13:1-5, 2 Cor 12:10, 1 Cor 1:25, John 7:37- 39

July 21, 2004

I. Do you know what the catch word for today is? POWER!

A. Power sells. Power is in. Power is what people seek.

1. Clothing advertiser’s aren’t selling clothing anymore they’re selling power!

2. Power suits and power ties are for power lunches.

B. An ad in a magazine says "GET SUITED UP FOR POWER"!

1. Below is a picture of an executive in the newest power suit,

2. Behind him is a new suit of armor that is suppose to let us know that his suit and the armor both assert power and authority.

3. If that’s not enough his desk is lined with phones, fax machines and trophies from his athletic accomplishments.

4. Junior executives stand at attention, waiting for orders from the main man.

5. A secretary that makes a better model than she ever would a secretary sits on point ready to take notes.

6. And the lines beneath read "POWER IS EVERYTHING"! You’ve worked hard to get it. It’s been a long climb up the ladder, so why not look the part in the latest power suit, that signals your influence.

7. Not daring to reduce their market, the caption goes on, " And even for those of you who are not yet in the positions of power YOU DESERVE look like a warrior in armor who has taken command. Get suited up with power NOW!

C. The business industry is not the only one to zero in on the power addiction though.

1. For Christians there is "Dunamis Sportswear" a line of casual clothing for active Christians.

2. Every piece of clothing has an emblem with DUMAMIS boldly printed on it, which is the Greek word for power.

3. Prophet sweats, Jerusalem Jerseys, Galilee sweaters, and Bible Smuggler’s bags all have the word Dunamis sewn on them.

4. The word of the advertising world today is POWER.

5. From power suits to power ties, from power lunches to Power Aide, and Power Naps, we live in world that is addicted to power.

6. We all want to be the "Top Gun".

D. The pull of the power magnet screams for us, to by our wills and our manipulative abilities accomplish our goals and gain and maintain power to control people and situations.

1. Everybody wants power! Those who have some want more, and those who feel like they don’t have it crave it.

2. And we play power games to get what we want. Control!

3. Marriages are destroyed by control issues.

4. Crimes are committed in the name of obtaining power.

5. Many wrongs and hurts of the world are the result of power struggles because people are addicted to power because power equals control.

E. What did we say was the root of Adam and Eve’s sin? CONTROL!

1. God I don’t trust you to be in control because I want to be in control.

2. We are caught in the grip of a life destroying quest for the wrong kind of power.

F. We strive for human power while we loose our grip on the real power.

(Luke 24:49 NIV) I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high."

1. Now, THERE’S real power! Power from on high!

2. Not the power of the world, but the power that created the world.

II. Jesus created the power suit!

A. Not a worldly power but, being clothed in power from on high.

1. God’s power, the same power that He modeled in His ministry on Earth.

2. The power that perplexed the Pharisees and subdued the Sadducees.

3. The same power that defeated death when He rose from the grave.

4. And the power Jesus wants to give us, comes when He lives through those that will give Him His rightful place as Lord.

B. The disciples needed that power. They were feeling pretty powerless.

1. They had seen the human power from Rome coupled with the religious power from Jerusalem nail Jesus to the cross in a surge of hate.

2. But now they were faced with the power of God as the resurrected Jesus stood before them and told them the same power would be given to them.

3. But this power would not be wasted on meaningless things, but released for a specific purpose.

4. The power from on high would come so His followers could be witnesses and change the world.

(Acts 1:8 NIV) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

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