3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: As we continue to follow the life of Abraham one would think after a event like separating from his own flesh and blood (Lot), that things would be different. But it is in times like these that God shines through.

Abraham: Following in the Footsteps Of Faith


Genesis 13:14-18

Intro: Last week we looked at the trouble that arose between Abram and Lot, over the feeding of their livestock. And we learned just how each man handled that situation. Abram handled it with peace and in a way of glorifying God, whereas Lot handled the situation with mere selfishness.

After the incident with Lot, Abram is left alone with his wife, his servants and his possessions. It must have been a difficult thing to see his own flesh and blood separate from him under such harsh conditions. Yet, for Abram, that difficult time would turn into a time of grace and blessing. For it is this time that the Lord chooses to renew His promises to Abram. This morning I wants us to hear how the Lord renews His promises to His servant Abram. Remember while these are Abram’s promises, there are spiritual applications that we can apply from these words.


• When you look at the events of verses 7-11, you may believe that Abram got the short end of the stick.

• You see verses 10 and 14 tell us that both Lot and Abram "lifted up their eyes".

• But, what they saw with those eyes was vastly different.

o Lot saw the world; Abram saw the Promised Land.

o Lot looked in self-sufficiency; Abram looked in perfect trust.

o Lot looked with a heart driven by greed and lust; Abram looked with a heart driven by a sacrificial love of unity.

o Lot looked through eyes connected to a worldly, uncommitted heart; Abram looked through eyes that were connected to a committed, spiritual heart.

• Lot may have taken the best of the land, but Abram was about to get all the land!

• Friend, those who walk with their faith in God and their heart centered in His will need never fear that they will lose anything!

• God honors the faith of His people, because the faith of His people honors Him!

A. What the Promise Communicated - God’s promise to Abram was full of blessings!

1. A Promised Land (vv. 14-15)

• Lot chose the best; Abram got that and the rest to boot.

• The land was the prize for his faith.

• Heaven is the prize for our faith.

2. A Promised Legacy (v. 16)

• God’s promise is further enhanced by the promise of a multitude of offspring from Abram.

• No doubt his lack of children was a sore spot with Abram.

• To the people of that era, many children were an indication of the blessings of the Lord.

• Even his name was a mockery to him.

• Abram means "Exalted Father".

• However, God’s promise is that Abram will have a legacy in children.

• So many will descend from him that their number will be beyond comprehension.

• That has literally come to pass!

• God wants to do the same for us!

• He wants to multiply our faith and use us to reach others for His glory.

• We too can leave a legacy of spiritual children behind for the glory of the Lord.

3. A Promised Length (v. 15b)

• God’s promise to Abram is one that will never be repealed.

• Notice that there are no strings attached!

• God is going to do this thing for His Own reasons.

• It is an eternal promise!

• That land they are fighting over this morning in Israel and the Middle East belongs to Abraham’s descendants!

• The redeemed are also partakers of eternal promises.

• Our salvation, our heavenly home, our Father’s love are just a few of the many eternal promises that belong to those saved by the grace of God.

B. When the Promise Came

• God’s promise came to Abram after he was separated from Lot.

o Lot represented worldliness and lack of commitment to the things of God.

o When that distraction was removed, Abram heard from the Lord.

o Separation from people, institutions, etc., is never easy.

o However, if we ever expect the Lord to bless us to the level that He can bless us, we are going to have to separate from anyone or anything that hinders our being right with Him.

o God can and will bless a separated life!)

• Did you notice that this promise merely amplified promises that had been given to Abram earlier?

o In Gen. 12:2, 7 we see the first of the promises concerning the seed and the land.

o Now, those promises are amplified, expounded and enlarged.

o This is how the Lord always works with His people.

o The walk of faith is a walk of progressive revelation.

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