Summary: To survive the storms of life, we must understand that in God there are promises that He has made to us.


This week will start part 1 of 2 sermons entitled “Standing on the Promises”. The world we live in is full of troubles, tensions and turmoil. If we don’t have something to hold on to, we as the world will be hopeless and helpless. But we do have something to hold on to, the Promises of God. In Malachi, we find God saying that He is not a man and can’t lie. This brings hope because it lets us know He is true to His promises. Let us look at the promises that God extended to Abraham (the father of faith) to gain insight into what He promises us. God promises….

I. Guidance. “I will show you” vs. 1

a. God encourages Abram to leave the familiar or his circle of comfort.

b. God tells Him a general location of destination but not a specific place.

c. God tells Him “I will show you” which is a promise of guidance.

II. Greatness. “I will make you” vs. 2a

a. God promises to make Abram something that only God could do. “A great nation” Abram was old and Sarai was barren.

b. God always speaks to use on what He will make us become instead of what we are.

III. Grace. “I will bless you” vs. 2b,3

a. God will bless Abram’s name.

b. God will bless Abram to be a blessing.

c. God will bless those who bless Abram and curse those who curse him.


As Abraham stood on the promises of God, we can too. To withstand tough times, we must be where and what God wants us to be. Are you standing on the promises of God?

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