Summary: To show that we can have rest in GOD's Presence thru the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Do you have rest?




To show that we can have rest in GOD's Presence thru the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Hebrews 3:18 (Amplified Bible)

3:18 And to whom did He swear that they should not enter His rest, but to those who disobeyed [who had not listened to His word and who refused to be compliant or be persuaded]?


I have rested in CHRIST my Firm Foundation.


GOD's rest is not for these people


A. Date of writing: Before AD. 70

B. Style of writing: Best Greek style

C. Authorship: Not specific, but generally attributed to Apostle Paul. Can be also ascribed to Barnabas, Luke, Apollos

D. Audience: Hebrew Christians

E. Theme: Christ is superior to the prophets; Christ is superior to angels—J. Vernon McGee's Thru The Bible

F. Purpose: The chief doctrinal purpose of the writer was to show the transcendent glory of the Christian dispensation, as compared with that of the Old Testament.—Thompson Chain - Bible Book Outlines

G. Keyword: better


A. GOD swear these people will not enter His rest

"And to whom did He swear that they should not enter His rest,"

Numbers 14:30 (Amplified Bible)

14:30 Surely none shall come into the land in which I swore to make you dwell, except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun.

Deuteronomy 1:34-35 (Amplified Bible)

1:34 And the Lord heard your words, and was angered and He swore,

1:35 Not one of these men of this evil generation shall see that good land which I swore to give to your fathers,

Rest (Greek: "katapausis"/noun:feminine) means:

1. a putting to rest example: calming of the winds

2. a resting place

ex. metaphorically the heavenly blessedness in which God dwells, and of which he has promised to make persevering believers in Christ partakers after the toils and trials of life on earth are ended

Land (Hebrew: "erets") means:

1. to be firm

Our resting place is in our Firm Foundation that is on the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

B. People who disobeyed

1. People who will not listen to His Word

2. People who refused to be compliant

3. People who refused to be persuaded

"but to those who disobeyed [who had not listened to His word and who refused to be compliant or be persuaded]?"

Disobeyed or "those who believed not" came from the Greek word: "apeitheo" meaning:

1. not to allow one’s self to be persuaded

example: to refuse belief and obedience

2. not to comply with

Numbers 14:11 (Amplified Bible)

14:11 And the Lord said to Moses, How long will this people provoke (spurn, despise) Me? And how long will it be before they believe Me [trusting in, relying on, clinging to Me], for all the signs which I have performed among them?

Deuteronomy 9:23 (Amplified Bible)

9:23 Likewise when the Lord sent you from Kadesh-barnea, saying, Go up and possess the land which I have given you, then you rebelled against the commandment of the Lord your God, and you did not believe Him or trust and rely on Him or obey His voice.

Kadesh-barnea means "Wilderness of Wandering"

Psalms 106:24-26 (Amplified Bible)

106:24 Then they spurned and despised the pleasant and desirable land [Canaan]; they believed not His word [neither trusting in, relying on, nor holding to it];

106:25 But they murmured in their tents and hearkened not to the voice of the Lord.

106:26 Therefore He lifted up His hand [as if taking an oath] against them, that He would cause them to fall in the wilderness,


Be persuaded and believe first, then you'll see.

Hebrews 11:6 (Amplified Bible)

11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].

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