Summary: Our text this morning reminds us – God also has a reward program. Matter of fact His Reward Program is out of this world. Let me make this clear so you don’t try to tune me out at this point. Keep in mind we do not serve the Lord just for Rewards.



I am not sure if you are like me, but I get tired for all of the direct-mail that clutters up the Mailbox with offers –

• You have been Pre-Approved to receive a new Credit Card and experience all the amazing advantages of a new line of credit

• All that is required is to sign the form inside the envelope and return it—postage-paid

• And in a few short days, the newly minted credit card, embossed in distinct lettering with your name and ready for immediate use, arrives in a beautifully designed package of materials that outline the exhilarating benefits of its full utilization

• And in real small, tiny print you will find 32% APR

There are many variations on what may be offered in this kind of proposition that floods the mailbox. It could be an invitation to -

• Switch cable or Satellite companies and pay just $50 for the first six months

• An opportunity to sign up for a frequent-flier program

• An inducement to discount plans for a line of retail stores or restaurants

• And they all say respond by the impending deadline to receive the best rewards for the offer

I am not suggesting these offers are all negative. As Sis. Lawson and I travel we have some Reward Programs we really enjoy.

• IHG Rewards Program which has a menu of Hotels in the Program

• Hilton Honors Program

• Hyatt Loyalty Program

• American Airlines Reward Program

• My All Time, Ultimate Favorite (and Sis. Barbra’s) – Starbucks Rewards Program

What I enjoy about the various Reward Programs we are in, is the more you use the product or services the better the Rewards.

• Build Points for staying at certain Hotels -- Free Upgrades or Free Stay

• The more you fly – Free Upgrades or Free Flights

• Since I go to Starbucks practically every day – Free products after so many Rewards or Stars

Reward Programs attempt to bond customers to a company or its products and services by offering an additional incentive. The idea of Reward Programs is to retain customers and channel partners.

• These programs are designed to engage customers and partners and ultimately generate loyalty

• Businesses desire loyalty programs because they keep customers coming back for more

• Reward Programs are designed to set themselves apart from the competition

• When two companies have similar products, customers have no reason to choose one over the other

• Therefore Reward Programs are used to entice you to support their company over competitor and continue your support

Let’s make sure we understand how these various reward programs work. Definitely not by rewarding participants for something they’re already doing! If a company does this, they could be throwing their money away. You could even de-motivate customers to continue doing the desired task.

• There is no reward when you are already flying

• There is no reward offered when you are already travelling and need a hotel

• There is no reward because I already go to Starbucks daily

Rewards Program is only effective when offering the reward challenges the participant to go above and beyond to earn it. Must go above what you would normally do in an effort to earn the reward. You must be enticed to do more than you would ordinarily do in an effort to receive the designated Rewards.

Let me also tell you my brothers and sisters there is a difference between an award and a reward. Award and Reward sound the same but their meanings are quite different. Although, both are valuable for any person as they give a sense of satisfaction and respect, in return for their work.

• An AWARD is conferred in front of the public for excellence

• But REWARD may or may not be given in public, it is a kind of compensation given to a person for their good work

• An AWARD can be understood as the prize or any other equivalent mark of recognition, endowed to honor an achievement

• On the other hand, REWARD alludes to something given in recognition to someone, for the efforts or service provided by them

The line of demarcation between award and reward is very blurred, due to people using them in place of each other. There are a few differences between award and reward, but significant differences nonetheless.

• Military career I received many Awards

o Army Commendation Award

o Overseas Award

o Meritorious Service Award

• These were given in honor of a special achievement

• I was given Awards while serving in the Armed Forces not Rewards

• A Reward is what we sometimes offer when we have a lost Pet

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