Summary: This is one sermon in a series of retelling famous historic sermons that shook continents. This particular sermon is a retelling of Evangelist, J. Harold Smith’s epic sermon, "God’s Three Deadlines." In my church, I included a bulletin insert phot

God’s Three Deadlines.

The Unpardonable Sin - Sinning Away Your Day of Grace – Sin Unto Death

1. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the Unpardonable Sin.

2. It is committed only by unbelievers:

3. List multiple crimes that seem unforgivable.

John Wayne Gacey – Homosexual who enticed young men into his home – where he would joke around with trick handcuffs & show them how to escape from the trick handcuffs. He then, would give them “real” handcuffs from which they could not escape. He would then brutally abuse them & kill them. Police dug out some 32 bodies from under his house. That seems to most people – unforgiveable! But,…if John Wayne Gacey prayed…he would be forgiven.

Recently, there was a young 20 year old father whose little infant boy began to cry. The young father could not console the boy – so he smashed the little boy’s skull – the little, helpless, beautiful infant son - - died. That seems to most people – unforgiveable! But,…if….prayed to Jesus Christ…he would be forgiven.

List others examples.

Yet, if anyone of these wretched people would repent of their sin – they would find that there is still Room at the Cross…Christ’s blood is yet able to atone for their sins. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacey, Child Abusers, Murderers - - Yet – any of these criminals would give their heart to Jesus – their sins would be forgiven.

I. The Unpardonable Sin.

There are 66 Books of the Bible – and the most horrific words found in this Book is this: “Shall never be forgiven!” Whoever ascribes to Satan what is done of God “…shall never be forgiven.” The Sin against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.

To ascribe the things of God as being the work of the devil is “Blaspheme.”

Blaspheme = To speak hurtfully.

The 4 most horrible words in the Bible: “Shall never be forgiven”.

The only Person who can forgive sins says, “…shall never be forgiven.”

TRAN: What part of the body commits this sin? Is it the arm, the leg, the hand?

A. Tongue.

“The tongue is a fire…[it] is placed among the parts of our bodies; it pollutes the whole body, sets the course of life on fire, and is set on fire by hell” (James 3:6).

Ivory bars of your teeth; your cheeks to hide your tongue. J. Harold Smith never knew of a woman who committed this sin. But, of the 21 men he knew – they all died within 24 hours!

Nowhere in the Bible did anyone ever live another 24 hours after committing the Unpardonable Sin, the sin of Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

B. Sons of Korah.

Read, Numbers 16:29-34.

There were “…250 prominent Israelite men…” in the group that came against Moses.

They were saying that Moses was not speaking for God. On the sidelines – there were 14,000 people cheering on the detractors of Moses. Because they encountered hard times in the Wilderness – they said it was all the fault of Moses.

They were saying – “God is not on his side – who is he to speak for God? He is a fraud!”

It would be better for you to take a hold of rattle snake & let his fangs invade your body with poison – than to continue the disrespect of God by dishonoring those who speak for the Lord. To speak against God’s servants is to be in danger of crossing God’s Deadline.

Jesus Christ walked this earth – the God-man – full of the Holy Spirit – the One who takes away the sin of the world. If you come to church & ascribe Jesus as a fraud – or the message his preachers who proclaim God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit to be not of God - - it will never be forgiven.

TRAN: If one commits a sin against the Holy Spirit – such sin “shall never be forgiven.” If you have committed this sin – you will be dead within 24 hours. Those who fear such a sin – have not committed it. I cannot recall anyone who has ever crossed over this Deadline. But – the next deadline…I have met many who have crossed it.

II. Sinning away your day of grace.

Read, Proverbs 29:1. “…without a remedy.” This sin can be committed by a preacher – or the preacher’s best friend. This sin can be committed by the best of church members, a tither…a good person. I am convinced that we have some very friendly people here – who are without Christ. There are people who are good church members – without Christ. You can be a member of the Canaan Family – but, you are not following Christ. The vast majority of our members have no appetite for spiritual things.

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