Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: It needs fierce self-control, patience, and intimate walk with God to abide in His time table!

God’s time table!

John 7:6”Then Jesus said to them, "My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready.”

There is profound truth behind the Words of Jesus and a lot of connection with the society we live in today. Listen!

It needs fierce self-control, patience, and intimate walk with God to abide in His time table! It can be inconvenient, frustrating and painful; still it is safe and secure to stick to His plans. Are you listening? We live in the midst of a bureaucratic society with astute skills, shrewd tactics and aggressive promotional campaign! Promotional offers fill the air! Churches and Christian ministry are not exempted – in fact, the gimmicks overflow here: buy one take one free CD, bring one member to church and take one CD free. Passionate evangelization, at times, gets a step further and becomes hardcore competition. There’s something happening in the Christian circle which is disturbing and setting a wrong trend! Did you know release of Christian albums has increased by leaps and bounds? Besides aping movie music, there is also a trend of mixing melody, upbeat songs, duet and also an English number towards the end to spice it up; a glossy cover gives it a colorful finish. Alas! Despite all the jazz surrounding the album, it gaps miserably from the book stalls, gathers dust and finally arrives at the ‘free take away’ counter. God’s timing is important for everything!

 If a little culinary skill is spotted, people would chime in and say, ‘start a restaurant.’

 If an iota of music skill is seen, you are asked to start a music school and release your own album.

 The moment you preach a good sermon, there are scores around to say, ‘build your church.’

Check God’s time table and never be swayed by the flattering voice of people!

The brothers told Jesus, ‘show Yourself to the world!’


Doubts, lack of faith, ignorance of His Word are the reasons for walking in the flesh and rushing to do things. The fruits of the spirit is patience! The Bible says, ‘For neither did his brethren believe in him.’ Here, we have the answer for their boisterous and worldly strategic plans for success. Unbelief! Show yourself! These are the words that ring everywhere; right from the parliament to the pavement! Be cautious! Be steady! Be patient! Trust and follow God! We can issue business cards, print glossy, swanky pamphlets, plan elaborate promotional campaign, smartly do a promo and push your stuff into the inbox of people through email campaign., have a tie-up with popular, flourishing people, YET; listen, listen, listen – GROWTH comes from God alone! Hallelujah! Allow your life to grow in God’s time table! It takes time to develop, flourish, germinate, shoot, spring up, sprout, and vegetate! When we try artificial stuff, the harvest is not good! Caveat!

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