Summary: 2 of ? God began to make His leadership thru Joshua undeniable among His people. *God makes His leadership undeniable among His people. But How? God’s leadership is Undeniable in...

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We are faced with a lack of integrity in the world today.

We shouldn’t tolerate it in Christian circles.



God began to magnify Joshua’s ministry among Israel.

God magnified Joshua’s ministry.

God began to make His leader known among the children of Israel.

God began to make His leadership thru Joshua undeniable among His people.

God initiated His undeniable leadership thru Joshua among His people Israel.

*God makes His leadership undeniable among His people.

How does God endear leadership to His people?

*When/Where is God’s leadership undeniable?

We’ve found previously that God’s leadership is Undeniable in...


2—God’s leadership is Undeniable in...



:8—“You shall, moreover, command the priests who are carrying the ark of the covenant, saying, 'When you come to the edge of the waters of the Jordan, you shall stand still in the Jordan.'"”

Joshua was instructed to give the priests(who were carrying the ark) a command from God.

As the priests approached the edge of the Jordan they were to continue into the water & stand in it.

Direction must come from God! Direction to do what you cannot do!

Expects/Demands all leadership to be on same level.

Priests empowered(thru personal cleansing & desire & ordination) for special contact/communication/service with God.

Christians are all priests & saints—No ‘clerical order.’

“Moreover”—added in NIV—

“Command”—hwu tsaw-vaw’—Piel(Intensive/intentional/repeated/extended) Imperfect—1) To command, charge, give orders, lay charge, give charge to, order. Strong—a primitive root; intensively--To constitute, enjoin(instruct/urge).

“Priests”(See :3,6)—Nhk kohen'—

“Bear/Carrying”—asn naw-saw’—Qal Participle Active—

“Ark”—Nwra aw-rowne’—Noun Masc.—1) Chest, ark—1a) Money chest, 1b) Ark of the Covenant; 2) (TWOT)--Coffin. Strong—from hra aw-raw’[a primitive root; to pluck](in the sense of gathering); A box.

“Covenant”—tyrb ber-eeyth’—Noun Fem.—1) Covenant, alliance, pledge; 2) (phrases)—2a) Covenant making, 2b) Covenant keeping, 2c) Covenant violation. Strong—A compact(because made by passing between pieces of flesh).

“Edge”(See :15)—huq kaw-tseh’—Noun Masc.—1) End, extremity—1a) End, mouth, extremity, 1b) Border, outskirts, 1c) The whole(condensed term for what is included within extremities), 1d) At the end of(a certain time). Strong—from huq kaw-tsaw’[To cut off, destroy, scrape off]: An extremity(used in a great variety of applications & idioms; compare Uq kets[An extremity, After]).

“Waters”—Mym mah’-yim—Noun Masc.—

“Stand”—dme aw-mad’—Qal Imperfect—1) To stand, remain, endure, take one's stand. Strong—a primitive root; To stand, in various relations (literal & figurative, intransitive & transitive).

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