Summary: Sermon to cast vision around the 5 fold purpose of the church. Rediscover your purpose!

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God’s Vision for His Church

Intro: Write down what you think the purpose of the church is

Doctors fix Bodies

Mechanic fix cars

What do churches fix?… Lives and souls

God is asking us one question church…

How’s Business???

We say Glen Elder Chrisitan Church his a place where God is seen.. Love is felt and what…. LIVES ARE CHANGED!

Is that true?

SO many churches have lost God’s vision for the church?

SO many churches have lost their purpose!

God’s original purpose is covered up in the dusty traditions of men!

The elders have been going through the top-book on church growth for the past two years. They love it. Ron has read it twice

It teaches us to become a purpose driven church.

Rick-Warren the author, says many church are driven by something, finances, personalities, programs.

But he challenges the church to become driven around the 5 purposes of the church that God has laid out in the new Testament

*ILL> Harvester Christian church? Run over 3,000. They asked city council for a building permit. It was declined. City Council wanted to know how will it help the community, what was the church’s purpose other than marry and bury people.

They asked them what difference will your church make in the community?

Great you will pray, baptize marry and bury.. we don’t care what will you offer the community. What if they asked us that? What is our purpose?

Would this area notice if we closed the doors? Would they beg us to stay open?

Do you realize that church is the only organization in the world that exists for people who are here yet….

This new building we are to build is not for us.. it is for those who are coming. We are making room for those who are not here yet..

*Barb W. comment,” I owe it to the nest generation.

Here is the 5-fold purpose of the church

1. Worship - as we celebrate the presence of God


Now how many people enjoy our worship team?

But worship team listen to me the worst compliment you can get is if someone says, I really enjoyed the songs today.

The goal of worship is not to sing songs to God, not to sing songs about God

The Goal of worship is to touch God, If we have not done that, then no matter how great the music is we have failed.

One vision I think God has be lying on my hearts is tog et more intentional about worship.

EX: When you drive in your cars with the Songs of Worship cd’s. You do not shut it off until your done worshipping.

We should not stop singing, until we feel we have worship. Why are you stuck in a 3 songs and a sermon mode. This team should have the flexibility to say lets do one more. We have not touched God yet or we have not felt his touch

Multiple worship teams. Too utilize talents of others and not burn out the current ones. If your leaders… then true leader duplicate themselves.

2. Evangelism - as we communicate the message of God

-Roman 10:14-15

Christians and non-Christian have one thing in common. They both hate evangelism.

This book I am in now is a must read. It has changed thousands of churches al lover the world, “Conspiracy of kindness”

( read cover)

Free service offers a picture of God’s grace, priceless gift which can never be repaid

Here is Steve Sjogren, the author’s formula to evangelism.

Servant Evangelism= deeds of love words of love=adequate time.

* Southland Kentucky, Oil changes for single mothers. Grew into a multiple ministry with over 200 people on the team

*Church in Hays handed out free phone cards—reach out and touch someone.

High-grace….. low-risk

See we must spread out.

Connection101, 201 301,401 classes are designed arounf the 5 purposes of God’s church.

If the goal of God was to just get you saved, then he would of took you to heaven right way.

But our goal is to bring others to Christ

See Christians are like fertilizer

Piled up in one place they will burn a hole in the ground beneath hem… but spread them out over a large field, they can do a lot of good.

3.) Fellowship- as we integrate the church of God

Acts 2:42-47 pag 1079

I am reading a book on Building A Church of Small of groups. –

We want to be a church of small groups not a church with small groups

Not a small groups of clichés. But weekly groused that pour their hearts and lives into one another.

My friend Daman started a small group in his church of 4 couples, I asked him th either day How it was going. They have met for 4 years. And only missed 2 weeks. They have seen kids get married marriages get saved.

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