Summary: When we face the challenges of this life, there is but one way to handle them, fighting the tempation to handle them our way and in faith deciding to handle them God’s Way.

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(2 Kings 5.1-14)

(v.1) I. Naaman was a successful man,

he had a lot going for him,

but he also had a big problem( a burden in his life).

“...commander of the army... a great and honorable man... by

him the LORD gave victory (in his profession)


(v.4) II. Naturally, Naaman wanted to find a way to get rid of his


A. He had more than likely, down through the years,

tried many other possible cures which people told him


B. But all had failed him, nothing had worked

(v.5b) III. But, Naaman was not just interested in getting rid of a minor

inconvenience, he was desparate to be freed from a problem

which consumed him, day and night.

*(approximately = $ 4 million)

**(some might think “Well, if he had that much money, why did

he care if he had leprosy or not?”)

***(How many know that Money can’t buy happiness...)

****(He would give anything to be free)

IV. God provided a way for Naaman to be healed of his problem,

but the ultimate reason God was willing to heal him WAS NOT

just for Naaman’s sake,... it was for the sake and the purpose

of bring glory to Himself - that word of His grace and mercy

would spread to a nation and that many would believe on Him.

A. (John 9.3; ...Jesus heals a man blind from birth, the reason

he gives is this:

“...that the works of God should be revealed in him.”)

B. God has provided a way for you and I to be healed of our

problem, of our burden - but understand, any healing that

will take place is not for us only but primarily that He be

glorified, that word of His grace and mercy be spread.

(v.11) V. Next, we see a common problem, Naaman wanted his problem

taken care of(removed), but he wanted it done HIS WAY.

A. By the time Naaman got to Elisha’s door,

he had things all firgured out...

B. He had picked out the HOW, the WHERE, & the WHEN

of his healing.

C. The problem was that GOD’S WAY required Naaman to

give up control of the situation and have FAITH.

1. A Faith that was HUMBLE

- told to get down off his “high” horse

- and bow down in a dirty little river

- in front of all of the soldiers and servants

and others standing by watching

- Naaman was concerned about his Image (pride)

- But if Naaman (or any of us) want to be healed

of our problem, we must humble ourselves

2. A Faith that was PATIENT

- Naaman was told to go and wash SEVEN times

- Not 5 times,

- Not 6 3/4 times

- ...but 7 times

*- the fact is, God hasn’t healed some people’s

problems, not because He is not willing, but

because we are not willing...

**- (...Not willing to have faith that is Humble

{get down off our “high” horse,

not caring what people think}

(...Not willing to have faith that is Patient

{doing it God’s Way}

If we want God’s result ...we have to do things God’s way

***- ...and God’s way is GREAT!

(v.14b) “...and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.”

VI. Q: What was the determining factor in Naaman changing his

prideful mind and coming back to the Jordan river where he

was healed?

A: The determining factor, without which Naaman would

have lived the rest of his life and eventually died a leper, ...

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