Summary: It shows us that we must be willing to do things God

God’s Way-Naaman

2 Kings 5:1-5:14

I. There was a man in old Testament times, mind you, who lived and thought in the same optional

way that we in the modern times think.

1. He was exceedingly powerful, rich, famous, and popular.

a.If you had all that going for you, no matter what era you lived in, a world of options would

be open to you and you would find it quite easy to “have it your way.”

b. He may not have had all the fancy gadgets that we have, but he had servants to carry out

his every wish.

2. His name was Naaman.

a. He was a general and commander of the army of a kingdom known as Aram which was to

the north of Israel

b. And as a commander , Naaman served with distinction: praised by his people and lauded

by his king.

c. From a worldly point view, General Naaman had everything. Everything except good health,

that is.

3. It would seem that man can have everything he’s ever wanted;

4. He can have a life overflowing with options, but all of those options can be taken away from

him by just one thing: his own mortality.

A. The prospects of a terminal illness and the death that inevitably follows have a way of limiting

ones options down to nothing.

B. There will always come that point in everyone’s life when nothing more can be done.

C. It was in this position that our man Naaman found himself, for he had leprosy; that dreaded

disease of ancient times.

What made the disease so horrible is that it would first shut down the blood vessels in your extremities and then with slow and steady cadence it would march towards your vital organs and eventually take your life.

This was one battle that the proud general could not win.

II. But all was not truly lost.

1. For in his household was a young servant girl from Israel who had been captured and put

service of Naaman’s wife.

2. This slight little slave could not contain herself. To her mistress she said “If only my master

would go and see the prophet who is in Samaria! he would cure him of his leprosy.”

3. The utter certainty with which she talked, coupled with the fact that Naaman had no other

choices, convinced him to check it out.

4. The Prophet in Samaria of whom the young girl had spoken was Elisha, the representative of

the one true God: the God who created the the earth and all the people in it.

III. The meeting of Naaman with Elisha is almost exactly like a Modern American meeting Christ


A. It was a classic confrontation: “Powerful Option Man versus Entirely Specific God.” It must

have really been a sight to behold!

1. Naaman should have come to the Lord’s Prophet on his knees, but he didn’t.

2. He came with all the glory and power that he could muster.

3. He used his political clout. He had his king write the king of Israel.

4. Bringing with him 7501lbs of Silver and 150lbs of gold, he used monetary power. And of

course he also used his military power.

B. When he arrived at the house of Elisha, it was in full military counterpart to a motorcade with

motorcycle escort.

1. His chariot was probably all tricked-out with all manner of elite doo-hickies that would befit

one of his stature.

2. If this were to happen in our day, he would pull up in a Humvee, with generals flags attached

to the fender; crisply snapping in the breeze.

3. You might say that Naaman “had it all going on.”

C. And what does Elisha do?

1. Is he wowed by this display? Not really.

2. He doesn’t even come out to meet him! Elisha was not being rude, he was actually saying


3. The Lord’s prophets usually communicated with words, but they would also sometimes

communicate with their actions.

4. And here he was communicating to Naaman that the Creator of all things and Lord of the

universe was not impressed.

That is really the first step for anyone who wishes to be helped by the Lord:

1. Admitting that he is greater than you

2. admitting that what he says goes and not what you say.

3. The only posture that is acceptable when approaching your creator is humility. Not pride,

not personal glory, but humility.

4. And this message was reinforced by what Naaman was

told .

C. Elisha didn’t come out, but he sent his messenger out who tells the general to go wash in the

Jordan River seven times.

1. As you might expect, the general didn’t take it too well.

2. “What kind of nonsense is this!” Said Naaman “I wanted him to come out and wave his

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