3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Money is such a touchy subject today and alot of preaches will not go near it, but the Lord makes it pretty clear in the scriptures what He expects of us when it comes to the money He has given us.

Keeping the Home Fire Burning Series


Mark 12:41-44


In the course of preaching these messages on the home and family, we have dealt with several sensitive and controversial topics. Tonight, I want to turn the spotlight of God’s Word directly on your money and the way you handle it. This is an issue about which many are sensitive and close mouthed. However, it is an issue about which the Bible has much to say. And, it is an issue that affects every person in this room. Therefore, I would like to take a few minutes to talk about God’s Word about Your Money. Before we get into these verses, let’s take a moment to consider several statements which I feel are important in discussing this matter.

1. Money Is Essential - We depend upon money to provide homes, food, clothing, cars and other things we say are the necessities of life. If you do not have money in this society, then you are in serious trouble. I think we would all agree on the fact that money is very important.

2. Money Is Over-rated - This world is all about telling us how we can go about getting more money. However, too often we get caught up in trying to get more of the stuff and we end up hurting ourselves because we get to the place where we stop depending on the Lord. Our provision is His business - Matt. 6:25-33.

3. Money Can Be Used For Great Good - It has built hospitals, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, provided for the needs of the Kingdom of God and helped countless millions. The parable of the Good Samaritan - Luke 10:30-37.

4. Money Can Be Used For Great Evil - Money has financed the drug culture, pornography, prostitution, wars and every other vile practice known to man. It is the grease that lubricates the axles of sin - 1 Tim. 6:10.

5. Money Must Be Used Properly - Every Christian has the responsibility to use the resources which have been given to him by God to further God’s kingdom upon the earth. When we invest our money in the kingdom of God, we also place our heart there. When we place our finances in the hands of the world, then we likewise tie our affections to things below and not things above - Matt. 6:19-24.

6. Money Can Lead To Terrible Bondage - When we allow ourselves to fall into the slavery of debt, we are hindering our ability to follow the Lord properly. Often, our indebtedness prevents us from serving the Lord as He would have us to - Pro.. 22:7.

7. Money Must Be Used To Bring Glory To God - 1 Cor. 10:31. When money is properly used to glorify the Lord, then the Lord is given the wonderful opportunity of proving His power to provide for His people, Mal. 3:8-12. When God is denied this opportunity, then the child of God has forfeited a great blessing and has entered into a state of unrepentant sin before the Lord.

All of this leads us to the primary use for our money. That is, we are to use all that we have to bring glory to the Lord. When we give, we honor God, we advance His Kingdom, we demonstrate faith in His promises, we expose ourselves to His blessings and we do something in which everyone can participate.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s go to our text for tonight and see the principles that should govern the use of our money especially in the matter of our giving.


A. Jesus Cares about Our Giving

• This is evident from the fact that Jesus was observing the people casting their money into the treasury.

o He was watching them as they gave.

o Notice how this verse is worded, "and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury..."

• How many believe that Jesus was here this morning?

o How many believe that He is still watching people give?

o What would He have said about your giving this week?

B. God’s Challenge in Our Giving

• The yardstick has always been what is called the "tithe."

o This is a word that simply means "the tenth."

o God desires that every person be actively involved in giving their tithe to the Lord.

• There are 3 basic reasons why people do not tithe.

1. Many Have Never Been Taught to Tithe

• Perhaps their mothers and fathers did not tithe.

• Perhaps their preachers have been silent about the matter of tithing.

• But, whatever the reason, some people simply do not understand the place tithing holds in the lives of believers.

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