Summary: "The Pathway To Fruitfulness", Sermon Series reveals several keys that will help one maintain a fruitful walk with the Lord.

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Text: Proverbs 3:1-10

The Pathway To Fruitfulness


A. All of God’s children should strive to maintain

a fruitful life.

B. This mourning we are going to uncover a great

Proverb that will lead us down, “The Pathway To


C. Through this sermon series we will discuss

several keys that will enable you to maintain a

fruitful walk with the Lord.

Part 1: God’s Word

A. Treasure God’s Word In Your Heart (vv.1-2)

i. God’s Word is a great tool to treasure.

ii. There are some great advantages to obeying

God’s Word.

1. Following God’s Word will keep you from

being mislead. (John 17:17)

2. Following God’s Word will keep you from

sinning. (Psalm 119:11; John 15:3)

3. Following God’s Word will keep you from

stumbling. (Psalm 119:105)

iii. So Obey God’s Word for it will…

1. Prolong your life

- Deuteronomy 4:40 says

- Matthew 19:17

- Isn’t it good to know that all we have

to do to receive prolonged life here on

earth as well as eternal life in Heaven is

keep God’s commandments.

2. Provide you peace

- Isaiah 26:3

- John 16:33

- Isn’t good to know that Jesus doesn’t

abandon us when we struggle. If we

remember that the ultimate victory has

already been won, we can claim the peace

of Christ in the most troublesome times.

3. Perfect your future

- 1 Kings 2:3

- If we will walk the way of the Word we

will have a great life and a perfect

future. If you will continue to hold onto

God’s Word, God will continue to hold onto

you as He directs you down the correct

paths of this life.

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