Summary: This sermon is one of a reminder that we must seek God’s face when we are in trouble. We must look to the hills. We must have a relationship with God first inorder to look towards the hills.


Whenever we plan to do business with people or a company, we must establish a rapore’ with them. I talking about someone must give an account about your reputation. Someone must and can speak on your behalf. My mother use to say years ago, “It’s not always what you know, but it’s who you know,” and that leads me to my first of two points.


Point Number 1: Having a Relationship

Point Number 1: Having a Relationship

In speaking about relationships, Webster’s dictionary says that relationships are a state of connectiveness between two people, or state of relatedness or connection by blood, marriage, or adoption. So in having a relationship you must become familiar with that person.

There was a movie that came out several years ago that talked about the word familiar. The name of the movie was called “Blade.” Wesley Snipes was a vampire that could walk out into the sunlight. He called the other vampires, those that he killed “familiars.” He had a special relationship with them because he himself was a vampire.

You become familiar with a person by spending time with them. You become familiar with a person by communicating with them. You become familiar with a person by doing things with them.

The more time spent with someone, the more familiar you are of them so therefore this comes full circle to building relationships. That’s why everybody in church is not in Christ.

The reason I can attest to that remark is because if the truth must be told, and I have to keep this thing real, everybody sitting in church has not established an intimate and defined relationship with Jesus the Christ.

I know I’m right because if they had that intimate and defined relationship, they would not say some of the things that they say, and they would not do some of the things that they do.

David knew very well about having a relationship with God. If we go back to the text, and look at the first verse of the 121 division of the book of Psalm it says, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

David had to look towards the hills. He was looking where he had established a relationship. Well preacher I don’t see what you see. This message is for those who have an established relationship with God. But for those of you that don’t have that relationship, I pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten your mind to do so.

David had been in some tough situations. I wish I had time to elaborate more on this but even when David was a twelve-year-old boy, he went up against the toughest soldiers there was. There was a soldier by the name of Goliath who was from the city of Gath.

Goliath was the tallest, fiercest, and the most feared soldier at that time. His height was about six cubits and a span. Since one cubit is about 21 inches, then six cubits x 21 inches come to 121 inches. Divide 121 by 12 inches (equivalent to 1 foot), which puts Goliath at 10.5 feet tall.

Because David had a relationship with God, he was able to stand. David had that special relationship with God called a covenant. That’s why he was able to stand there and face this giant with only five smooth stones and a slingshot.

Because of the covenant that David had with God, he was able to stand and confront a trained soldier of the Philistine army. I don’t think you feel me this morning.

Goliath was a trained warrior. He had a spear and sword that was specifically made for him. He was able to throw his spear further than any man and could throw it with accuracy. He had already killed many soldiers while in battle. He had a reputation of the fiercest, the most deadly soldier there was. Just to mention his name sent fear throughout all the land.

Because of the covenant that David had with God, He knew where his help and strength came from. He was able to ignore the chattering and laughter of the Philistine army as Goliath approached him for battle.

Because he had a relationship with God he was able to stand firm with this giant.

Because of the covenant that David had with God, he was able to slay the giant Goliath. David did not have body armor. David did not have a sword; nor did he have a have a spear. All David had was just five smooth stones that he got from a brook that ran through the valley.

Because of the relationship that he had with God, he was able to stand undefeated.

In life we have to trust and believe as David did. Because the bible says in Psalm 20:7, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

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