3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This river may also be regarded as a beautiful emblem of the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ


Ezekiel 47:1 12

INTRODUCTION. This river may also be regarded as a beautiful emblem of the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ.


A. Its source. "Out from under the threshold of the house (temple)" (v. 1). Out from the throne of God.

B. Its course. At the south side of the altar" (v. 1). The only way these life giving waters can reach a perishing world is by way of the altar the Cross of Christ.

C. Its force. Grew in power although it had no tributaries.

*Streams of earthly power can add nothing to the river of God.*


Three times over the prophet says, "He brought me through .... " indicating not a final state but a way to something deeper and better a passing experience. Note the order:

A. ANKLE DEEP. “to the ankles” (v. 3).

Only a shallow acquaintance, but still he was in it. This stage represents the "spirit of Faith," the definite act of stepping into the current of the divine will, although that will as yet is but little known.

B. KNEE DEEP. Again he brought me ... the waters were to the knees."

The only way the waters can rise upon us is by our getting down deeper.

Knee deep represents the "Spirit of Prayer." When the knees are captured for God there will be delight in His fellowship,

It is possible to be a believer and yet have no liberty in prayer. Although this is but the second stage of the Christian life, how many fail to attain unto it, because they refuse to be led (v. 2).

C. LOIN DEEP. "Again . . . the waters were to the loins" (v. 4).

The loins strength. This represents the "Spirit of Power."

The praying Christian will soon become a witnessing Christian. His loins are now girded with the power of God.

When a man is loin deep there is less of the man seen AND the depth of the river in greater evidence. Those only ankle-deep make a big show of themselves, and misrepresent the fullness of the waters.

D. SWIMMING. “Afterward ... the waters were risen, waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over” (v. 5).

The swimming Christian has got beyond his depth, and is now being borne up by the river of God.

This last stage represents the “fullness of the Spirit.” Instead of wading through, he is now resting on the waters.

This is an experience that cannot be passed over. There is nothing better than this on earth or in heaven. The perfection is not in us, but in the abounding fullness of His provision for us.

“Waters to swim in.”

“Launch out into the deep.”

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