Summary: This message challenges Christians in the face of opposition to go forth in the Name of the Lord. The church when moving forward will always face opposition and the church should go forth in the Name of the Lord.

Going Forth in the Name of God

1 Samuel 17.45

David was a very young man, but he had faith and courage to go forth in the name of the Lord. Trusting not in the weapons of war, but trusting in God.

Why don’t Christians today go forth in the name of God? Why don’t Christians really and truly trust in God?

It is because they go forth in their own name and it is because they put more trust in themselves than in the Creator of the Universe.

It is self-aggrandizement and self-trust that holds Christians back today. It is lack of commitment to the Lord that holds us back.

When we say that we cannot do something for whatever the reason,

we put more faith in the power of the opposition than in the power of God to accomplish His will.

When we do this, we hold back God.

When the church moves forward, there is always change. Wherever there is change, there is opposition.

Opposition will inevitably be met in moving forward. Why? The devil does not want to see the church and its ministry succeed.

Sometimes the opposition will even be in those who should be helping and encouraging you. Why is that?

Simply because people become comfortable where they are. The slightest bit of change rocks the boat.

Many Christians look at the church as their church. They only want it to move when they are ready.

If God moves on someone else, and they begin to move—it makes those comfortable Christians sort of seasick.

The boat starts to move in a direction they don’t want it to go in so they grab the oar of opposition and they paddle in the opposite direction.

They start to make major waves against the slow steady progress of going forward in the Name of the Lord.

These Christians are not committed wholly unto God. They don’t want God to be captain of the ship; they want to be in control.

They want to be in control so much that they commit mutiny against the Lord.

Christians like this are more committed to themselves and their own agenda’s than they are committed to God and His plan.

You might say preacher, that don’t make any sense. As Christians, we are supposed to edify and encourage one another. Christians don’t oppose God’s church moving forward. Oh but they do.

Jesus said that a prophet is not without honor but in his own country.

David encountered opposition from his own brothers and all he was doing is going forth in the name of God (17.28).

Have you ever encountered anyone like that? Ever heard anyone say, well I don’t know why they want to do that?

Well can’t we do what we used to do? Why do we have to change that?

It’s worked before. Well is it working now?

Jesus met plenty of opposition during His life on earth. Mostly among his own people. Again, “A prophet is not without honor in his own country.”

He was accused of doing the works of Beelzebub (the devil).

Jesus was a mover and a shaker. He did things that no one was used to. He broke social and racial barriers. He forged ahead in the name of God.



Jews—Gentiles (swine)

Taught to Give instead of take

Ministered to Women

The church today needs more movers and shakers. WE must compete with the world today to get peoples attention in order to plant seeds of salvation in their hearts.

How has farming changed in the last 75 years? With changes in techniques and principles, a farmer can plow now in an hour what used to take a day or more.

Farmers can now plant, grow and harvest more in less time. Everything has changed.

What used to take a week to send a message across the country can now happen in seconds.

We can actually see news happening around the world as it happens.

As everything around us has changed, wouldn’t it be fair to say that the church has to start changing as well.

Look at the letters to the seven churches of Asia in Revelation. Jesus told the majority of them to change their ways or face judgment.

Folks he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

That message is to the church of today as well.

Our message is the same—it never changes. It is just like God, He will never change.

But if the church is to survive, our methods of reaching others for Christ must change.

What does the survival of any local church hinge upon? New members, new converts. Do they just fall out of the sky?

No, you have to go forth in the name of the Lord. To reach them and bring them in, we must change our methods and with change comes opposition.

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