Summary: We must trust Jesus to change our lives.

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Going Through the Motions

May 31, 2009 Morning Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: We must trust Jesus to change our lives.

Focus Passage: Mark 10:46-52

I. Take Responsibility for your own life “When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout.”

a. Bartimaeus had to be responsible for himself.

i. Bart was blind. He had to beg. No one could change his circumstances. It was up to him to call out to Jesus

b. Take responsibility for yourself.

i. No one else can do it for you, YOU must make the decision

1. Stay in your life, going through the motions

2. Make an effort to move beyond it

II. Believe that change is possible “Rabbi, I want to see”

a. Bart believed there was hope for his life; however reality said that he would probably be a beggar all his life.

b. There is hope for your life. The same Jesus that healed Bart is still at work today


i. Come to Jesus in faith with a desire to change.

III. Clarify what you really need “What do you want me to do for you?”

a. Jesus asked a question that He must have the answer to.

b. You need to clarify the needs that you have with God

c. 1. What is it that you really need from God?

a.) Knowing what it is that you need from God is difficult because you must discover what only He can provide for you

b.) Having a need in your life met by God means that we see it and understand it and then admit it

a.) You need the forgiveness and grace that can only be found through Jesus

b.) You need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to live each day for Christ

c.) You need the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that only Jesus can give to you

1.) All of us have pain and hurt in our lives. There are some wounds that only Jesus can heal.

IV. Don’t worry about what others might say “Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet”

a. Bartimaeus did not allow people to sway him

1. People are fickle: The simple fact is that most people don’t really care about what God wants for your life

b. 2. People can never out influence God unless you allow them to

a.) God wants to be the primary influence in your life

b.) The problem is that we fail far too often to listen to His voice and follow His direction

B. You must not allow people to drown out the voice of God

V. Stop waiting for the right circumstances “As Jesus and His disciples, together with a large crowd, were leaving the city”

a. Bartimaeus did not choose the right circumstances

1. This was not a good time for him to approach Jesus

a.) Jesus was with the disciples and a very large crowd of people

b.) Jesus was leaving Jericho. It would seem that this was not the right time

b. Bartimaeus refused to wait any longer

a.) He seized the moment that he was given and took his opportunity to approach Jesus

b.) Bartimaeus gave all that he had to this moment

VI. Do something that is bold “Throwing his cloak aside”

a. Bartimaeus responded to Jesus; he centered on Jesus

a.) Stepping out gave him new courage and new passion

b. Bartimaeus came with reckless abandon

a.) He cared about nothing except getting to Jesus & what Jesus had for him

B. You need to get your focus on Jesus

1. The key to personal renewal

a.) When you place your focus on Christ it renews your faith, hope & enthusiasm

2. Keys to focusing on Christ

a.) Ask for Christ to give you a new direction

b.) Obey when He calls you to act

c.) Give Jesus 100% every day

VII. Do it right now “…he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus”

a. A. Bartimaeus got beyond the motions

1. Bartimaeus acted when he needed to

a.) Bartimaeus did not hesitate or wait; he went

b.) He followed when Christ called and found amazing blessings

2. Bartimaeus went to Jesus

B. You need the same attitude

1. You have to move when Jesus calls

a.) Stop waiting for the right moment to do something for God

b.) Don’t lose your chance to follow Christ when he calls

2. You have to go to Christ

a.) Christ is calling you

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