Summary: A good conscience is an unseen and a peace-giving jewel of a God-fearing man.

A good conscience is an unseen and a peace-giving jewel of a God-fearing man. Conscience is a gift from God. It tames our animal instinct and awakens us to moral consciousness. Without conscience, no man could see his own sinful condition as the Lord sees us. Our conscience surely guides us to obey and do our moral obligation as we ought to, hence, it is our responsibility to guard our conscience against spiritual contamination. In Titus 1:15, it is written, Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. This verse keeps us aware of the sanctity of a good conscience in contrast to a defiled mind and conscience.

Having a good conscience separates us from evil thoughts and evil works. In Acts 23:1, Paul once said, “Men and brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day.” What a delightful and consistent testimony if we could honestly say to ourselves what Paul once said before the high priest Ananias and before the presence of other people. A man with a good conscience knows also his ethical boundaries in the fear of God. His thought will not wander in the wilderness of foolishness, but it will be guided consistently in the path of sound wisdom.

An intense desire to study what Peter wrote in his epistle will certainly add to our Bible knowledge concerning good conscience and its great advantage in the life of every believer. A good conscience is a priceless treasure of a living man and its rarity in the lives of men these days stirs our sensitivity to pray more for believers to be aware of the blessings of having a good conscience.

(I) Keeps Us In A Safe Place

I Peter 3:13-16 I Timothy 1:19

-A good conscience is a treasure

-A good conscience is a blessing

-A good conscience gives courage

-A good conscience produces peace

-A good conscience draws us closer to God

We could hardly ignore the uncertainties of the future, but for believers, no matter what will happen in the future, we are secured because we know we are in God’s hand. In I Peter 3:12 it is written, For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

In times of sufferings and severe persecution, true believers must stand to what is right and abide in the truth. During trying times, we must be aware of our special treasures. A good conscience is a great treasure in times of temptation. It is also an incomparable blessing during evil days. Good conscience is a courage-producing treasure during crucial moments. The peace it gives is comforting and its godly effect draws us closer to the Lord. Truly, it keeps us in a safe place.

(II) Outwardly Manifested

Through Good Conversation

I Peter 3:16, 17

Conversation- anastrope (an-as-trof-ay’)


-A good conscience brings forth good attitude

-A good conscience produces godly principles

As we see the inevitable and progressive danger of wickedness in this crooked and dying world, may we also see the spiritual needs of the lost. People really need the Lord Jesus. The vanishing conscience of many people is alarming, and if professing Christians don’t even move their finger to do something concerning the Lord’s great commission, then the lost people will just perish and never see the True Light. One way of pointing others to the Savior is by our good testimony. May the fruits of good conscience be confirmed through godly living as we faithfully share the Gospel of Christ through out the whole world.

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