Summary: The death of Jesus- Jesus is in control

Let me take a Poll – Do you believe you have a guardian angel. (hands)

If asked, just on the street, most people do.Still, it is difficult to believe we live in world where spiritual things are active. Many of us have had circumstances in our life where things should have gone seriously wrong….but they didn’t. We may attribute this to coincidence - The right place at the right time or maybe good fortune or maybe...the intervention of God.

We were in Fort Worth, driving home to San Antonio on interstate 35w.

Katie was driving our mini van. The was a car in front of us and the back of this thing lifts up, spins almost hitting another car in SLOW MOTION - no kidding. Cars are appearing to skid in every direction all around us - in SLOW MOTION. We are weaving in and out, missing this car, coming close to that car. Cars are all around us in every direction...The next thing we know is that it is all behind us. No cars hit us. We were ok. Wow.

Many of us here have had dramatic circumstances – and somehow we are ok, especially us who are poor drivers.

The spiritual world meets the physical world. We meet God (in an instant of time). We believe – Whew – we believe. And then, after awhile, things happen life goes on, and God doesn’t disappear from our life. But that moment of meeting the supernatural – is gone and we move on….

Sound familiar?

This morning as we continue through the Gospel of Mark, we are seeking to understand better, who Jesus Christ is… we look at the crucifixion and death of Jesus we will look at not just the events – but what is behind the events.

Starting in verse 21. Simon of Cyrene. A man who is just entering the city, boy is he at the wrong place at the wrong time. Roman soldiers could take anyone and ask for help, he couldn’t say no.

In the book of Romans 16:13 we see Paul greet a Rufus. This could be his son – only speculation though.

This is not: an example of what Mark chapter 8 speaks of – If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. This is a man who is forced to do the soldiers bidding, because Jesus is physically too weak. Some commentators speculate that Jesus should have died from his severe beating. Yet, somehow he keeps on.

Remember: Jesus is in control. Physically may not look like it, but spiritually, no contest.

They force these men, Jesus, Simon, two others to Golgotha. Apparently a hill that was white and looked like the top of a skull. Some bibles may translate it Calvary. Here they set up for the execution of these men. Jesus is offered Jesus wine with Myrrh. Remember this was given to Jesus at birth. It was onsidered a delicacy – finest wine mixed with spices. It does not have a numbing effect. It probably a continuation of mocking - King of the Jews.

Jesus refuses the cup (verse 23).Not to fulfill a vow. Not because he doesn’t drink. Not because it will dull his senses.Not because drinking on the day of atonement was forbidden. But He is to drink of the cup the father is giving him - not any other. So he refuses the mockery.

The cup given by the Father is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Mark is not big on details. Verses 24 –25 cover a lot of the crucifixion. The people of the day knew what crucifixion was, they didn’t need the details.

Jesus – Gave Himself. Mark concentrates on telling us about the mockery of Jesus. Why? Every taunt though physically true, is spiritually the opposite. Jesus gives himself, even though it appears he is being taken.

26 – king of the Jews

Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world - He is the king over all creation.

29 - destroy the temple and build it in three days,

Meaning: Temple sacrifice was made for atonement. He means to cover over sin. A person’s sin was covered, by sacrifice. Jesus – that is what is going on here. Atonement – covering of our sins so there will be no need for temple sacrifice.

“Temple Destroyed” – not physical, spiritual.

Rebuild in three days – he rises from the dead.

30 - come down from the cross and save yourself!”

31 – can’t save himself

32 – come down that we may believe

36 – let’s see if Elijah will take him down

Show me and I will believe. Then I will have faith.

Actually – later we know some of these people did believe.

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