Summary: My coffee time with God in the morning turned me to a Preacher at work to begin with. What started as a small effort of greeting Jesus ‘Good morning and chat with Him,’ turned into a commitment for the rest of my life!

Good morning Jesus!

Job 19:25”For I know that my Redeemer lives!”

While working for the Vice President of a multinational bank with jam-packed agenda in my life: as a wife, mother and the office work as well, that kept me on my toes the whole day and I had to don multiple hats dexterously. One miss and I ‘m in a fix! It’s during this time of my life that I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in my uterus and also five months pregnant. Abortion was the verdict of many doctors! When everything around me looked eerie and dark, my Savior Jesus Christ walked into my life! I determined to wake up in the wee hours of the day and pray – while it was very dark! Now, when I say ‘morning prayer’ it is kind of boring for people, let me put it this way, I woke early to greet Him ‘Good morning Jesus and have a chat with God!’ How does this sound? Let this encourage you too, to greet Him ‘Good morning Jesus!’ I loved that part of the day, because there was no chaos, no one knocked the door, no one rang the door bell, no street vendor yelling on the road and no noise whatsoever. I loved that silence! I wept at His feet, poured my woes, my fears and my angst to Him! I would read a portion of the Bible from which God would speak powerfully to me and I would get charged like a volcano and I would go for work. It did not stop there, my coffee time with God spilled over at work as well. I would share my experience with my colleagues and also the Word that I read that day and explain to them; mark it, I was no preacher at that time. My colleagues sat spellbound!

Tea time at work, lunch time at work turned to prayer time! After talking to them, we would all bow our heads and pray with tears, because each of us had truckload of problems. My coffee time with God in the morning turned me to a Preacher at work to begin with. What started as a small effort of greeting Jesus ‘Good morning and chat with Him,’ turned into a commitment for the rest of my life! Today I just can’t be without wishing Jesus ‘Good morning’ and speaking with Him!

After going through severe pain, uncertainty, medication, doctor trips, ambulance trips, bed pans, finally the miracle baby Joshua was born and I was bubbling and blabbering in ecstasy. I thought, ‘I crossed the painful path, now, I can share this testimony and do a victory dance.’ Later, I surrendered my life for full-time service to God, then came the next set of tremendous financial struggle that I had to face coupled with tension of payments all around me. With an iron strong will, to not borrow or use our Credit Card for frivolous reasons, we sure had to be on our knees for our every need. As days passed, as the ministries grew and as my children grew as well, our burdens and commitments were not getting any less but it was getting bigger. I was able to handle the various, inevitable challenges of my ministerial assignment, my role as a mother, wife, writer, preacher and teacher and a church leader as well; from the energy and strength that I received from my ‘early morning Coffee time’ with God! Besides the work, I had to face betrayals, humiliation, mockery, rejections and most important frequent illness as well. Recently my daughter asked me, ‘amma why is that you get attacked with sickness and weakness very often?’ I could very clearly sense her angst, her actual question was, ‘you spend so much time with God then why is that you get into many problems?’ You want to know my reply? I said, ‘I am His pet doll!’ Yes, I am.

When Job lost his ten kids, lost his home, lost his health and lost everything, I love the part where he prostrates and worships God! Man, that’s powerful! Chapter nineteen from the book of Job, talks about Job being lampooned by kids and his friends and his skin sticking to his bones. Imagine his sight! It is now Job does something spectacular that moves the Messiah, Job said, ‘I know my Redeemer lives!’ Let me put it in a slang: ‘to hell with you guys who mock at me, My Heavenly Dad is alive and that’s enough!’

How about greeting Jesus ‘Good morning’ and having a chat with Him in the early hours of the day? Don’t tell me, ‘I can’t fit that kind of thing into my life.’

When we fit Jesus into our life, He would fix all the problems in our life and get you ready for a jig!

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