Summary: We are blessed with the "Spirit of Glory and of God" that rests on us when we suffer for Christ. This is a message of encouragement to the Child of God who is going through trials.

Well, we have all had days when it seemed everything went wrong! But I have “Good news about trouble.” - At least for the Child of God.

In 1 Peter 4:12-19 we read that trouble is not aways such a bad thing. Peter says that we may be “overjoyed” as a result of our “painful trial.” I recently preached a message on this theme. I will give you the basic outline and a few comments. Then, at the end of this post, I will provide the link to download the notes file that I used.

I. Trouble encourages PRAISE to God (vv.15,16)

A. We are NOT to be ashamed

B. We are BLESSED (compare Acts 5:41, “counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name”

II. Trouble judges CHARACTER (v.17)

A. It clarifies what our true character is (hardship reveals our best or our worst)

B. When God counts you worthy –> you suffer –> everyone sees the REAL you

III. Trouble brings GLORY (v.14) - THIS is the EXCITING PART!!

A. “If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the SPIRIT OF GLORY and of God rests on you.”

B. What *IS* the “Spirit of Glory”? It is what GOD does for me when I am facing trials

C. Definition of “glory”:

1. OPINION: God’s opinion of ME - that I am ABLE to overcome this trial

2. Splendor, majesty - (characteristic of God) but it NOW RESTS ON ME!

3. Exalted state or condition (my future!)

IV. Trouble develops COMMITMENT (v.19)

A. When we suffer, we must commit ourselves to our faithful Creator - and continue

B. According to the KJV (v.14b), “on your part he is glorified” - we are to glorify God

C. We are to have an opinion, “praise, extol, magnify, celebrate, hold in honor, adore” GOD

D. We are to “cloth with splendor, make renowned, render illustrious, acknowledge and manifest the dignity and worth of” GOD!

For the Child of God who is undergoing trials, here are some thoughts that are the result of an examination of 1 Corinthians 10:13 & Job 1:8-12:

1. Satan is LIMITED to the boundaries set by our God

2. Satan must ASK PERMISSION before afflicting us

3. When God allows Satan to afflict me, He (God) is showing that He has FAITH IN ME

4. Afflictions are an opportunity for me to bring GLORY TO GOD

If you would like download the entire outline, get it at ENJOY all your trials!! Visit for more like this.

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