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Summary: The good news is, the bad news is wrong!

Good News and Bad News

I Samuel 17:34-37

I came today with a Word in my spirit; I came to tell somebody that everything is not as it appears!!

The Good news is, the Bad news is wrong!!

I came today to tell someone that the circumstances you are facing today are not as they really seem!

We’ve got to shift out of the natural and move into the supernatural, Out of the realm of the visible to that of the invisible, We’ve got to move into a deep realm of faith!!

Due 1:22-28

There is a story about how the 12 spies went into the promise land but 10 of them came back with a bad report. Telling things that were not the truth. But Joshua and Caleb came back with a different story.

I’m talking to somebody today; you see you’ve been listening to the wrong report, or perhaps yourself!!

You have been looking at the circumstances and listening to your friends and enemies! And they don’t have the answers. Awake out of your sleep and listen to what thus saith the Lord.

In our text today we find how David wasn’t about to allow what seemed to be, to become reality.

A lot of folks probably would have just let it go and say well I’ve still got these so I’ll take care of what I got left.

And that is what the devil; I mean the Lion was counting on.

You know the devil, I mean the Lion never counted on someone like David.

I know that the devil has come into many flocks before, he has tore up marriages, torn up ministries, killed dreams and stole peace, love and joy from many homes.

The devil has carried sons and daughters off into drugs, alcohol, and sins of this world.

This is not the first church that he has attacked. Time after time he has left broken men, broken women, broken homes, and broken children.

All from what looks like to be natural appearances. Make believe, and things that do not really exist.

So now look at your neighbor and tell them… It ain’t that way and this time it’s going to be different!!

You see David refuse to accept his loses and settle for leftovers.

But listen to me, someone sitting here today has settled for leftovers.

Thankful that you have something, happy to have something left, satisfied to have what you still have.

However I am convinced today that somebody is sick and tired of leftovers. Somebody here wants the milk and honey, somebody is still believing that God wants to bless.

Now slap your neighbor a high five and tell them, God is talking to me!!

Do you remember the story of how Joseph was sold to the Egyptians and how the other boys brought his coat back to the father covered in blood ? It appeared as if Joseph was long gone but in fact he was alive.

What Jacob saw was not the truth, most of what Jacob thought came from his own thinking.

In Acts 3:2-6 there is a story of a lamb man who was a burden upon society, he couldn’t walk and take care of himself.

But in verse 8 he was walking and leaping and praising God!!!

Now this chapter of the book of my life may look rough and it may seem that all is done and almost gone, but this is only one chapter for in the next chapter things are going to be amazing.

Now tell your neighbor: I’ve got some good news, the bad news is wrong!!

The bad news is that you’re gonna die, but the good news is that ye shall not die.

The bad news is that the marriage has failed, the children are a hopeless case, you’ll be bankrupt.

But the good news is, the bad news is wrong.

Joseph was not dead, David’s lamb was not dead and Oh yeah, God is still on the throne blessing folks and answering prayer.

I want to tell those of you that are like Jacob, quit looking at what seems to be and take a hold of what is and what God can and will do!

Stop settling for an ant hill when God has promised you a mountain.

Say it with me, The good news is, the bad news is wrong.

I came to tell somebody, that the bad news is wrong.

I came to tell somebody, It ain’t over until you quit.

I came to tell somebody, It ain’t going to be like that no more.

It’s time to take back what the devil has stolen, it’s time for you to take back what the devil has and quit letting him hold it for you.

Your promises are not gone; they have only been in storage. It’s time to claim what is ours and quit believing that they don’t exist anymore.

The good news is, the bad news is wrong.

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