Summary: The Gospel in the story of Christmas.


LUKE 2:10

1. Christmas is all of a sudden upon us and with just a few more days until Christmas, we are in the midst of making all of our preparations to spend time with friends and family. The television is full of advertisements, the radio is playing Christmas music, cities and towns are all decorated, and Christmas parades are finishing up for another year. We have thought of every thing early this year and have made all the preparations--but have you made your SPIRITUAL PREPARATIONS this year for Christmas.

2. Our subject this morning is " GOOD TIDINGS TO ALL PEOPLE "

Our text is found in probably the most familiar verse from LUKE CHAPTER 2 --- Look with me at verse 10:

But the angel said to them,"Do not be afraid.

I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.

The word translated out of the Greek that means "GOOD NEWS" is the same word from witch we get the word GOSPEL. So really what the angel was saying was is {I bring you the gospel of great joy for all men.} The gospel is the good news that God through Christ has provided for everybody. That gospel is Christ crucified--salvation from our sins.

To summarize Paul, the elements of the gospel are:

1. The birth of Christ

2. The life of Christ

3. The death of Christ

4. The burial of Christ

5. The resurrection of Christ, and

6. The return of Christ

This is what the angels were telling us; that the first element of the gospel is here. Jesus is the word, the good news from God, He is the gospel.

When questioned, in John 1:23,about whether or not he is the messiah John the Baptist said, No-- I am just the voice... John knew he was not the Word, just a voice to proclaim that word.


God had looked down upon a lost, sinful and condemned world and he heard it’s crying, felt it’s sorrow, and loved it for what it could be. He saw the greatest need that we had and HE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!! John 3:16 tells of what God did:

For God so loved the world that, he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

We must never forget that when the Almighty looked down he saw not only a segment, not only a certain nationality, not a certain race but he saw the whole world. He saw our sin and our loneliness and God reunited himself to this world through his only son, Christ Jesus. This gospel that I am telling you of today is for whoever believes.


When the angel came upon the shepherds they were scared to death, and I cannot say I blame them. So the first thing the angel said was "FEAR NOT". The reason --- " I bring you good news of great joy."

And from that second when the gospel of Jesus Christ was first announced until the hour of his Second Coming; wherever the gospel goes it banishes fear. those of us who have heard and have believed and accepted the gospel; WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE AFRAID!!!


I must admit that life does not get any better; it is full of sorrows, there are going to be uncertainties, you will have problems.

Life is full of fear-- That is why some men drink, that is the reason some people lie, that is the justification some men use for committing suicide-- to escape that which they are afraid of--LIFE.

However, the angel said; DO NOT BE AFRAID I have something to keep you in perfect peace. I have GOOD NEWS OF GREAT JOY. You will still have your troubles , you will still have your sorrows, you will still face uncertainties, you will still have problems, BUT---BUT YOU WILL HAVE SOMEONE TO SHARE THEM WITH, YOU WILL HAVE JESUS!!!


A small child who saw the stars for the first time was greatly impressed and intrigued by them. Childlike, she had many questions. Were they there all the time? Why couldn’t you see them during the day? Why did it have to be dark to see them? Her mother replied that"YES, they were there all the time and that you could only see them at night, but aren’t they beautiful." Then she added that stars tell us that night time is the most joyous part of the day. It is the time of coming home after a hard day at work. Night is the time for rest and sleep So it is with death. It is life’s night. It is a glorious homecoming. It is a reunion with those who have gone on before. It is rest from labor. It is simply to lie back in the everlasting arms of our Saviour.

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