Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

I was one day walking down to my farm when I saw a lorry approaching before me. The lorry seemed quite loaded from the way I saw it swinging. Then suddenly, I saw a bag falling from one of its sides under the canvas into the bush. There were no people within the area and the driver did not notice since when I beckoned him to stop, he looked quite embarrassed from the way he looked at me. I politely told him that he had dropped a bag. That took the wits off him and he pulled the vehicle aside in shock and disbelief. I realized that it was a bag of coffee which could have fetched a lot of money had I picked and sold it. Some people thought me for a fool to have informed the driver about it. Though the driver never appreciated, I did not expected to receive any tip from him. But it is a good gesture to appreciate in such circumstances, for the loss of that single bag could have landed the driver into prison.

Another friend of mine picked a lot of money as he walked in a lonely street. Immediately he put the money into his pocket, a couple approached him and asked him whether he had seen any cash money on the way. The brother was so honest that he gave them the whole amount. The couple had just withdrawn the money from the bank and were on their way home when it got lost. After recovering the amount, they just left without any form of appreciation. The young man felt bewildered and he couldn’t understand the sort of people he had met. In the same manner, God feels much more since we have no time to tell him thank you for everything He does to us everyday. He gives us free air, life, protection, peace, salvation, joy etc. and we walk away ignorantly. We ought to learn from birds of the air who really appreciate with joyful tweets every morning, afternoon and evenings no wonder you will never hear the United Nations taking food aid to birds!

Sometime after that coffee incidence, as I was purchasing some items with a certain brother in the streets, another man dropped a package which seemed like one full of currency notes. Then immediately, another on picked the bundle, but that had already drawn my attention. I got hold of the one who had picked the bundle and insisted that he should hand it over to the owner. I was so serious about it until I started looking for the one who had dropped the package. That was when I was informed that it was a trick by a syndicate that conned innocent people who went in to share the contents of the packages.

Thereafter, as I was walking in another city, a similar thing was done but this time, I was sharper not to even have a glimpse at the package. I then realized that the good that I did to the lorry driver and to many other people, that the Lord was taking care of my position otherwise I would have fallen victim to the tricks of the enemy. I would like to urge you to continue doing good without looking forward for any payment. Spouses ought to do good to each other without any string attachment. Do good without ceasing and in due time, the Lord shall reward you in His abundance. Believers ought to do good to our neighbors, whether they are of same denomination or not. We should cross continental boundaries and face the blacks, reds, whites and fellow humans and do to them what we expect from our fellow brothers and sisters. If men could work this way, there would be no wars as this issue of shooting fellow humans is not in the divine will of God. It is the desire of God that we live in peace with everybody and not live in pieces.

The good Samaritan crossed ethnic boundaries (Luke 10:30-37) and provided help to the dying man. The Bible does not tell us the reward he got from his goodwill act. He never fought for a noble prize in doing good but his example is one that is worthy to be emulated by all.

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