Summary: Gospel of Christ always powerful to save all of us irrespective of the caste, color, creed and language.

Theme: “Gospel of Christ”

Text: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek”. (Romans 1:16 KJV)


I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I bring loads of love and regards from Chennai Methodist churches.

Today, my thoughts are based on the verse Romans 1:16. St. Paul wrote this Epistle to Romans, to the believers who lived in Rome and called to be saints. He wanted to cultivate relationship and also sought their financial support for his missionary journey and work. He first makes them to understand, “who he was?” and “what was his theology?”. The Epistle to the Romans is also called the Gospel of Paul.

Rm.1:16 is one of the theme verses of this epistle.

He made this verse as his first introduction to the following chapters. The Romans epistle has the following main divisions:

• Only way to Righteousness of God is faith (Chs.1-8)

• Jew and Greek are alike (Chs.9-11)

• Just shall live by faith alone (12-15).

Paul mentions three concepts in this verse.

1. Person of the Gospel,

2. Power of the Gospel,

3. Pride of the Gospel.

1. Person of the Gospel

What is Gospel, nothing but good news of salvation available in Jesus Christ. The present generation is doomed to failure in spite of technological advancement. The power of the mind led to the corruption of the thoughts reflecting in actions. So, there is hope, scope and support to the human beings from only one source, called GOSPEL.

Gospel is nothing but about the son of God, Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ? Was he a rabbi, a powerful king, a tyrant ruler, a revolutionary leader, a saint, a guru, or a religious leader? No, he was a person who was born to a virgin girl Mary, lived sinless life, had compassionate heart and most merciful eyes without lust, love is expressed without selfish motive. He was a son of man and a son of God; he fulfilled the will of God on daily basis. He was found in prayer whether it was a day, noon, evening or mid-night. He lived and established Truth and rejected hypocrisy. He was hanged on the tree, became a curse and propitiation to God. The disobedience of one man brought sin, the obedience of one person brought salvation. He became a son of man so that we can become children of God. He descended to Hell so that we can ascend into Heaven. This is Gospel.

Now, Jesus is the only one person on the earth having countless followers, He knows each and every one of his disciples by their name, no leader on the earth can know their followers by their names. He rules the world, in his name kingdoms were established, in his name societies were formed. For his name many gave up their lives. The name of Jesus is so powerful and only name on the earth to be believed, confessed and lived on. His name is greater than the names of any kings, rulers, and businessmen on the earth. His ruling is based on love and grace. He is wonderful counsellor, eternal father, prince of peace. He is Immanent God and Immanuel too. God afar off and God nearest. He is the person of the Gospel. The person is powerful so His message.

2. Power of the Gospel.

Power is “Dunamis”. The proclamation of the Gospel is “Kerygma’. Good news was proclaimed on those days to inform when a King was Born. The same way the birth of Jesus was announced to the Shepherds by angel Gabriel. Later it was proclaimed all over the world by Disciples and the followers of Christ, even today.

The Gospel changed kingdoms, kings, ethnic groups and cannibals. It has changed societies. In India some of the tribal were cannibals one hundred years ago but now they are people of God. God’s Word is so powerful. Its fresh every morning, not only his grace is fresh but even his commissions and commands are fresh. He sends the Word of God like rain on the earth, it completes the work and comes back to Him.

Gospel saved us, made us holy. It gives us strength to live for God. It is always powerful. It cherishes our heart, boosts our moral values wherever and wherever the gospel was preached people were redeemed from darkness, from evil, healed from the terminal sickness, overcame the forces of principalities and powers, princes of the world. Gospel brought all into one platform, it brought gender equality, race equality, all are brought one in Christ whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, east or west, north or south. The gospel brought freedom to all social evils. It saves the Jews and gentiles alike. So, no need to be ashamed to be called Christian.

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