Summary: The answer to the question Got Jesus? Will determine your eternal destiny and whether you are written in the Lambs book of life.

Got Jesus?

Thesis: The answer to the question Got Jesus? Will determine your eternal destiny and whether you are written in the Lambs book of life.

Video Illustration: Got Jesus? From Video Impact

It¡¦s a video clip of a man standing on a bridge getting ready to bungee jump. He jumps off the bridge and the camera focuses on the bungee and it shows it is untied to the bridge. We then hear a thump and the questions come up ¡§Got Jesus?¡¨

The implication of the clip is, ¡§Are you ready?¡¨ if death came knocking at your door. Where would you go up or down? What is your eternal destiny?


č John 1:4

ƒç ¡§In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.¡¨

č John 3:15

ƒç ¡§¡KEveryone who believes in Him may have eternal life.¡¨


The time in which we live makes many people wonder if we are in the last days. Listen to this report from Last day Ministries. Read Report on the 6th Trumpet.

Even the media has been picking up on this idea of the last days. Even a teacher in a local school asked me what I thought about the world¡¦s timeframe. He wanted to know if I thought we were at the 6th trumpet blast spoken about in Revelation chapter 9. Others have asked me ¡§Are we very close to Jesus coming back?¡¨ ¡§Is this the horrific war spoken about in Revelation 9 were 1/3 of the world¡¦s population will be destroyed by fire, smoke and sulfur?¡¨

I do find it interesting that recently the Left Behind Series has sky rocketed in popularity and in essence is communicating the truth about the end times. Is it coincidence? Or is God preparing the world for its final days?

I have heard many preachers saying something is in the air. Many who are actually prophesying that the end will come within years and the Irag War is just the beginning of it all. So we come back to the question ¡§Got Jesus?¡¨ If the end were to happen tomorrow would you be ready?

That is the question of the moment,¡¨ If you were to die in an accident like the man in our video do you have Jesus to give you eternal life? If Jesus was to come back tomorrow would you go with Him? Or would you run away from Him? It¡¦s a matter of the heart ¡V Do you got Jesus? I mean really know Jesus? I mean have an intimate personal relationship with Him? I am not asking if you know about Him but do you know Him? I¡¦m not asking if you have religion but do you have Jesus?

The truth is if you Got Jesus then you have everything you need to make it in this life and in the next life. Let¡¦s see what we get when we Got Jesus:

Note all the pictures in my power point today were created by Woody Walters. He is the artist who did our pictures on the back wall. Woody has given me permission to use these slides in our message today. To see more of his pictures you can go to

I. When you Got Jesus you have Life - eternal life.

a. Slide one of the pictures of the child sent from Heaven by Woody.

i. John 1:4 ¡§In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.¡¨

ii. John 3:15 ¡§¡KEveryone who believes in Him may have eternal life.¡¨

b. What is eternal life?

i. It means that you will live in Heaven for ever- let me say that word again ¡V forever- forever- you will not taste the eternal punishment of Hell and torment.

ii. It means you will live in a place where there is no sin-no evil-no war.

iii. It¡¦s a place that is ruled by love.

iv. It¡¦s a great place to spend eternity.

c. But to get there you must have Jesus! So do you ¡§Got Jesus?¡¨

II. The second reason you need Jesus is so you really have a rewarding and fulfilling life.

a. Slide two of the picture of the life of Jesus with Mary and Baby Jesus at the center of it by Woody Walters.

i. John 10:10 ¡§The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.¡¨

ii. John 20:31 ¡§But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ , the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.¡¨

b. Truth is no one really lives who does not have Jesus. They just exist. But they really do not live!

i. Barna¡¦s report from Grow You Church From The Outside says- The unchurched are looking for the missing link in their life. That missing link is Jesus Christ.

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