Summary: Before Moses led the people through the Promised land He asked to see God’s grace and glory.

Grace and Glory

Exodus 33:11-23

I. Grace. Vs 11-17

A.Moses had found grace.

B.Moses prayer requests. Vs 13

-Not gimme gimme…

-Show me thy way? (They were one the threshold

of going through the wilderness.)

-That I may know thee.

Philippians 3:10 that I may know him, and the

power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of

his sufferings, being made conformable unto his


-That I may find grace (sustaining grace) in they


-How shall it be known I and thy people have found


C. God’s answer.

-My presence will go with thee.

-To give you rest (peace)

-I will do this thing

-You have found grace

-I will know thee.

II. Glory

A.Show me they Glory? Vs 18

B. God’s answer.

1.I WILL...

--make all my goodness pass before thee

--proclaim the name of the Lord before thee

--I will be gracious

2. BUT you cannot see my face.

--Because of His holiness

-Because of His glory

3.There is a place by me. Vs 21

-A rock – Sure foundation

-A cleft – safety

-I will cover thee – Security

-You can see my back parts, but not my face.


God gives us sustaining grace.

-To guide us.

-To grow us.

-Go get us trough.

We will see His glory…

Matthew 5:8

Rev. 22:4 We will have been made holy in Christ.

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