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The sermon explores the power and benefits of gratitude, encouraging intentional thankfulness for God's blessings, supported by the scripture Luke 17:11-19.


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It’s no secret that living a life of gratitude is generally considered to be of great benefit. Counting your blessings and naming them one by one is not only a beautiful hymn, it’s also considered by many to be the optimal way to live. And more recently, scientists have been able to prove that gratitude has incredible benefits to both our mind and our body. Here is a curated list of the top ten benefits of gratitude from one online author; Gratitude has lasting positive effects on the brain. Gratitude boosts the immune system. Gratitude reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Gratitude promotes optimism and positivity. Gratitude helps create and strengthen relationships. Gratitude reduces chronic pain. Gratitude improves overall sleep. Gratitude keeps us grounded in reality. Gratitude promotes exercise and healthy habits. Gratitude improves our overall self-esteem.

This is just one author's list, it actually could continue on and on as new studies present new findings about the benefits of living a grateful life. But all of this positive info begs the question, are we living lives of gratitude? Can you remember the last time you paused your life to sit and literally count out your blessings? And furthermore, if it’s so beneficial, why doesn’t everybody do it?

Amazingly, our passage of scripture for the day addresses this very issue in addition to several of the questions I’ve already presented. As we’ll see, just because it’s a beneficial way to live doesn’t mean it’s an easy way to live. Living a powerful life of gratitude takes focus, intention, practice, and care. But it’s all worth it in the end, to live a grateful and empowered life.

Living a powerful life of gratitude takes focus, intention, practice, and care. But it’s all worth it in the end, to live a grateful and empowered life.

Main Teaching

As we get into our passage for the day it’s important to remember that this story comes in the midst of a larger section of Luke that details Jesus’ journey up to Jerusalem. As He’s traveling we see Him interacting with all kinds of people, and today we’re introduced to 10 new characters… An unlikely mix of Jewish and Samaritan lepers who approach Jesus in hopes that He might help them.

In their calling out to Jesus we recognize that they rightly see Jesus for who He is, master or Lord ... View this full sermon with PRO Premium

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