Summary: Jesus had a few encounters with His followers after His resurrection that show the true treasure of His sacrifice.

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Grave Robbers or Treasure Seekers.

John 20-21

Read John 20:1-3,11-18,21,27,28.

Why did Jesus have to die? Gospel presentation.

Why did Jesus have to rise again?

Theses are two seperate questions.

I.At the tomb, Mary Magdalene found that we have a relationship with God. (20:1-2,11-18)

“I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.” John 20:17b

A. Why was Mary Mag. at the tomb?

1. Finish prepping the body of Christ.

2. He died on (Fri), no time for a proper burial before Sabbath.

3. Went to apply spices, sign of love and respect.

- Spices = flowers for today.

B. The empty tomb brought Mary M. to despair.

1. Assumed that the body was stolen. (v.2)

2. Verse 11: Gr. indicates that she was wailing.

3. Verse 14: She did not recognize Jesus because of blurred vision from crying so much.

4. Probably dumbfounded. Disciples went home, she stayed at the tomb.

a. Illus.: Feed a stray and he’ll never go away.

5. Mary was a stray.

a. Possibly a prostitute.

b. She had 7 demons in her at one time.

-“With seven demons in you, you may be the life of the party, but nobody wants to take you home.”

c. Even Peter and John left her alone, weeping at the tomb. Had no consideration for her.

6. Jesus gave Mary M. what she needed most, love and respect.

- Most people used her for what they could get out of her and then discarded her.

- Jesus saw in her a person of value, worthy of respect.

C. What was it that Mary M. wanted?

Jesus back in the tomb!

1. Verse 14: “I will get him.”

2. Why? It gave her comfort.

a. Yes, He was gone but at least she could visit Him.

b. Illus.: Visiting a graveside today.

D. What did Mary M. find? At the tomb, she found a relationship with God. (v. 17)

1. Incidentally: KJV is a bad Translation.

a. “Do not touch me,”

b.Actually = “Stop clinging to me.”

2. “My Father and your Father”

a. In OT, with a few obscure exceptions, God is not referred to as Father.

b. Has many names: El Shaddai, Eloim, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, etc. but not Father.

c. Religious leaders did not view God as Father.

- Matt 3:9: “Our father is Abraham.”

d. God referred regularly as Father first by Jesus.

3. “My God and Your God.”

a. Mostly referred to as, “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

b. Jesus says, “Not only is He the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He is now the God of Mary Mag., Peter and John.

4. You see, Mary M. wanted Jesus Back in the tomb, but Jesus said, “No, Mary, you want me out of that tomb because being out of the tomb, I can now bring you to God.”

II. In Hiding, the disciples found a vision for our lives. (20:19-23)

“As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” John 20:21

A. Why are the disciples hiding?

1. Verse 19: Fear of the Jews.

2. Out of shame.

B. What did the disciples find in the empty tomb?

A vision for their lives.

1. “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

2.How was Jesus sent?

a.With a Purpose.

Luke 19:10 “Seek and Save.”

-How? The way Christ did

b. With a Power.

John 20:22 “The Holy Spirit”

-A taste of what was to come in Acts.

- Illus.: A man was introducing the game of golf to President U.S. Grant. This man wasn’t very good, so as he approached the ball and swung, he completely missed it. After a few more unsuccessful tries to tee off, Grant commented: “I can see how this can really build your endurance but I fail to see the purpose of the ball?"

C. Christ’s raising from the dead gives us a purpose in our lives.

1. Christ has laid down His mission for us.

2. Some lives are going nowhere fast. Not impacting anyone, not making a difference.

3. Jesus has a plan for you if you accept Him.

III. In his doubt, Thomas found a foothold for faith.

(20:25, 27-28)

A. “It all sounds good and I would like to believe this, but my rational mind just wont let me. To many questions.”

1. There is nothing wrong with having difficulty believing.

2. Thomas couldn’t believe. “Unless I touch. . .”

3. Illus.: Man hanging over a cliff by a weak branch, calls out for help. Booming voice from the sky says, "This is God, I’ll help you if you let go of the branch." Man says, "Is anyone else up there?"

B. Thomas wasn’t too quick to let go.

C. Jesus provided what Thomas needed for his belief. (v.27)

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