Summary: Looking at the Christian Virtue of Goodness through the stories of four great couples.

Great Couples of the Bible!

The Energy of Virtue

Peter tells us in 2 Peter 1:5 to Add to our Faith Goodness. Goodness is virtue, excellence, moral character. It means courage, rigor, energy, boldness.This month we learn more about this quality by looking at for great couples in the Bible.

Aquila and Priscilla: Energy for the Kingdom!

Acts 18

Fifteen Fast Facts About Aquila and Priscilla

1. They were of Jewish heritage. (Acts 18:1-2)

2. They were from Pontus, Italy. (Acts 18:1-2)

3. They came to Corinth because Claudius ordered the Jews to leave Rome. (This is where Paul met them) (Acts 18:2)

4. They were tentmakers (Acts 18:3)

5. They were worked alongside the Apostle Paul (Acts 18:3)

6. They later sailed to Syria with Paul (Acts 18:18)

7. Paul left them in Ephesus (Acts 18:19)

8. They heard Apollos, a native of Alexandria, preaching about Jesus in the synagogue (Acts 18:14-25)

9. Priscilla and Aquila taught him the way of God more adequately. (Acts 18:25)

10. Apollos carried the Gospel to Achaia (Acts 18:27-28)

11. When Paul later writes to the Romans he greets Priscilla and Aquila and calls them fellow workers (Romans 16:3)

12. Paul says they "risked their lives for me“ (Romans 16:3

13. Paul says all the churches of the Gentiles are grateful to them (Romans 16:3-4)

14. Paul says that there was a church that met at their house (Romans 16:5).

15. When they were in Corinth they also had a church meeting at their house (1 Corinthians 16:18-19).

Everything we know about this amazing couple tells us that they were energized for Kingdom service!

Practical Ways to Have The Virtue of Energy For the Kingdom

1. Be Strong in the Struggles

2. Be Open to God's Calling

3. Be Prepared to be Used

4. Be Hospitable to Others

Aquila and Priscilla model for us the energetic Christian:






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