Summary: How do we respond to the victums of a natural desaster?

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Great news, the end is not yet

Mark 13: 5 - 23

I. Labor day was started by the labor department to honor all those who have helped in great advances and achievements of the labor work force.

A. Sears Building B. Massive Highways.

C. A City below sea level D. Twin Towers.

E. Wall street.

II. A Canadian report on natural disasters states that with major achievements that we have created a possibility for great disasters.

A. 4 out of the top 10 U.S. disasters happened in 2004 - Most costly was almost $7 Billion in the1994 CA earthquake.

B. The causes may be because of relocating to urban areas, ageing population, ageing infrastructure, and other reasons.

C. We can avoid many of these disasters by stopping clear cutting, keep wetlands, better drainage, fortify safeguards.

III. At times like these we often wonder if this could be the wrath of God, or is this the end of the world.

A. When God created the great flood He said that He would never destroy mankind like this again.

B. In Mark 13 we are told that when disaster happen we are to be encouraged that this is not the end. This is a great time for God’s people to reach out to the victims and to show them the way to God.

C. When Job lost everything he did not curse God but blessed Him. For he had nothing when he came into this world and he will not take anything out of this world. His end was greater than his beginning.

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