Summary: Like the Queen of Sheba went to Solomon, go, yourself, to check out Jesus.

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Greater Than Solomon

December 2, 2007 Evening Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: Like the Queen of Sheba went to Solomon, go, yourself, to check out Jesus.

Focus Passage: Luke 11:29-32

Supplemental Passage: I Kings 10:1-13

I. In Wisdom

a. Solomon was given wisdom from God; he understood government, science, architecture, nature, etc

b. He was filled with wisdom, but he could not BE wisdom to others; Jesus fulfills that role.

c. Jesus knows past, present, future. The secrets of God are His.

II. In Wealth

a. Solomon was the richest man alive; his wealth has no compare. He made gold to become as stones.

b. Christ was so poor that when executed, He was stripped of His last rags. He possessed nothing.

c. Christ owns everything. He can make you rich in peace, joy, and wisdom.

III. In Peace

a. Solomon was original “prince of peace”; Solomon means, “peace”. No war befell his kingdom. No invaders. He couldn’t bestow peace of mind or rest of heart.

b. Jesus brings peace like no other. He can ease the burden of guilt. His peace is like a river; deep, profound, renewed, ever flowing, increasing, and widening into an ocean!

IV. In Great Works

a. Solomon built the temple. He built palaces, forts, aqueducts for water.

b. Christ has built the temple in you. He builds forts of protection; the aqueduct for LIVING water, and is right now at work, building a beautiful home for us all, who know Him.

V. In Dominion

a. The Kingdom of Jews extended from the river of Egypt right across the wilderness to the Persian Gulf.

b. Jesus’ kingdom reaches EVERYTHING! He is Lord of All! He is the King of Kings! And the Lord of Lords!

c. Everyone will eventually bow and acknowledge Christ as King, for the Bible says that “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”. It is better to be able to do it of your own free will than to be forced to do it at judgment.

Invitation: You have heard the report; now, like the Queen of Sheba, go and see for yourself. Get to Christ, as to His dominion, come under His sway and own His scepter. Go and trust your King; love your King; praise your King; delight in your King. Let us delight in His love; and we shall surely say, “A greater than Solomon is here.”

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