Summary: We are to do the works of Christ

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Title: Greater Works Shall You Do!

Text: John 14:12

C.I.T: God has purposed his people to do the work that Jesus did, and has provided his people the anointing to do so.

Purpose: To challenge the congregation to do the works Christ did and to show them how they can do that.


Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord. Amen? He is the prince of peace. He gives us peace even when there is no peace. Even when the world starts to shake because of economic crisis, we as Christians can rest in peace because God almighty dwells within us amen? Let me tell you in time of crisis you don’t need to run to anywhere just know that God is there with you. He says “Lo, I will be with you till the ends of the world” Listen here for a very long time, I thought that this is a promise. This is not a promise but this is a reality. When you come to a realize the reality of God’s presence always being with you will no longer quake under the pressure of this world you are going to have peace in your life and not only that you are going to be as bold as a lion! We are living in times whereby exciting things are going to happen. In the next few years you will begin to see world events taking place that will point towards the coming our master. Our master is returning. And because our master is returning we got to realize that there is no more time for us to laze around because the master had entrusted work for us to do and when he returns, he expects us to have done our work. This morning I am going to preach very simply. There are basically three things which we need to know.

Firstly, we are to do the works of Christ.(John 14:2)

1. We are to do the works, which Jesus did.

We are entrusted with the important task of carrying on the ministry of Jesus. We are to do the very works, which Christ did when he was walking the streets of Jerusalem and Israel.

What are the works, which Jesus did? He preach the gospel, he healed the sick, cast out demons, ministered to the poor, gave hope to those who are without hope. Read the gospel and you will find out what Jesus did.

Mark 16:15, Jesus told the disciples these signs shall accompany you wherever you go, in my name you shall cast out demons, and heal the sick and so on. The disciples caught what Jesus was saying to them and the church grew because they did the very works, which Jesus himself did.

We are to do the works that Jesus did.

T.S: We are to do the works which Jesus did, but we must come to a realization that without Him we can do nothing. Our work must arise out of intimacy with Jesus.

2. Work must arise out of intimacy with Christ. (John 15:4)

We got to realize that work must arise out of our love for the master. Jesus in John 15:4 says, “without me you can do nothing.”

Many of us who serves God we become weary and tired why? Because we are not serving Him because we love him, we are doing so because we feel more spiritual and religious. Some serve because we think that we can win merits. We can only bear fruits in our work and ministry when we abide in Christ, when we spent time with Him, and because we love him so much, that love compels us to serve Him. Our works must flow out from the love that we have for Him.

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