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Summary: We are born into the kingdom or God, and like babies in the natural our Father God expects us to grow up.

There was a group of tourists who were visiting a picturesque village and came upon an old man sitting beside a fence. In a rather patronizing way, one of the tourist asked, “Were any great men born in this village?” The old man replied, “Nope, only babies.”

Very true, only Adam and Eve did not enter this world as babies. That’s how it is in the physical realm and it is also how it is in the spiritual realm.


JOHN 3:1-8. Nicodemus came to Jesus because he had eternal questions on his heart. He wanted to know the answers to the questions of how to be right with God. Inside all of us is a longing to know why we are here, what’s our purpose, how can we have peace with God, and what about after death? Jesus has answers, look how it said Jesus answered him. Jesus wants to answer the questions of our hearts. Here is the answer- you must be born again. Notice someone can be old physically, when they are born spiritually. But here Jesus says that we enter the kingdom of God by birth, spiritual birth. In verses 5-8, Jesus explains to Nicodemus that He is not talking about a physical birth, born of water. When we are born physically we are encased for nine months in water. When that water breaks, we are born. Jesus says here that it takes two births to enter the kingdom of God, the physical birth being born of the flesh and the spiritual birth, being born of the Spirit.

JOHN 3:16-18 This scripture explains what it takes to be born again. When Jesus says believe here he is not talking about believing the way a lot of people think about believing. There was a man named Charles Blondine who was a tight rope walker who lived about a hundred years ago. He strung a wire across Niagra Falls. He would walk across the falls doing different things. He walked on stilts, He carried a man across on his back. Once he walked half way across, sat down and made and ate an omelet. Amazing! One time he pushed a wheelbarrow across and back. Then he said to the crowd how many believe I can go across pushing the wheelbarrow with a man in it? The crowd yelled yes, yes. Then he asked, “Who wants to go?” The crowd was silent. Finally one man came forward. That man believed. I remember when I was born again. I asked God to forgive me of my sins, and Jesus to come into my heart. I meant business. It wasn’t just a feeling, just an experience it was a total changing point. I went from death to life. From the old person I used to be to a new creation.

JOHN 1:11-13 This says He came to His own, meaning Jesus who created mankind came to those He had created and was not received. But to those who did receive Him, He gave the right to become children of God. This is an incredible privilege. In this world it makes a huge difference sometimes who your daddy is. I read a story about Richard Roberts. He was trying to get a loan for a car and he went from one bank to another getting turned down. Finally he went into another bank and said will it help if I tell you Oral Robert is my dad? He got the loan. This is extremely important our being born again change everything. The fact that God is our Father changes everything. One of the saddest things I can think of is for a Christian not to know who he is and not to realize what it means to have God as our Father.

Turn to 1JOHN 5:4&5 This is how the Bible says it.



This is again saying that through our faith we are heirs, which means we are children of God and that He as our Father has given us an inheritance because of what Jesus did. But I want you to notice what it says in 4:1, This means that our immaturity will limit us. Which also should give us a great desire to mature. Its not wrong to be a baby, we have already seen that, that is how we begin. But even though babies are extremely cute and loveable and when you are around them for a little while it makes you think you really want one until the diaper changing and the crying for unknown reasons. Grand parenting is really nice cause you can hand them back to their moms in the rough time. But my main point is although babies get a lot of attention, and they get everything done for them they miss out on so much. For just one example to bring clarity I love to read. I don’t know when I started to read probable 1st grade, but until I learned how to read I couldn’t and I missed out on the blessing of reading.

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Bruce Ball

commented on Aug 24, 2007

Good sermon, Pastor! Too many of us want to stay on milk rather than maturing to where we can eat the meat of the Word. Thank you for sharing this, and I look forward to more of your sermons.

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