3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We need to survey our growth patterns, we establish 6 growing rules.


Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.


Today, I ponder growing?

Why do some grow to be 5 feet, others 7 feet tall?

Why do some mature by 18 and others are 60 and never mature?

Increase comes from God, this is known by all.

But why do some increase and others have a failure to thrive?

There must be a reason.

Should we ponder why and why not and then focus on how to grow? Growth is an evidence of life?

I ask God for some lumber with which to build Him a great tower, and God had the nerve to give me an acorn and said grow what you need.

I said, "BUT MASTER"...


I think more sweat?

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord.

Growth must be a goal?

Mat. 6:28 Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.

Tall oaks grow from little acorns, ’tis true.

But sickly oaks from sickly acorns grow ’tis also a truth.

Costly pearls grow from imperfections within, and instead of being destroyed from imperfections a rare gem of beauty is birthed.

Growth comes from many sources.

All the mighty oak is,---but a nut that stood its ground?

Ask any growing city, we need insight that today’s growth does not become a hindrance to tomorrow’s development.

We need wisdom and thought to develop a sustained growth program, that growth allows for more growth.

I am told some fishes’ growth is in proportion to the environment they dwell. Little aquariums little fish?

We have a phenomenon in the church today called Perpetual Babyhood of Believers.

With limited diets and limited exercise

we limit our ability to win.

We have church members that have heard good Gospel messages, and they stay the same. SAD!

These perpetual babes need the Pastor to pamper, diaper, talcum powder, keep adjusting the temperature of the milk, feed, burp.

Yes, the church is to be a nursery. But there is a time to set aside childish, and become a man, to become a father and beget life.

We often fool ourselves that growth is seeing how many baby’s we can support?

Real growth is diapers, training pants, wetting the bed, then mature and discipline self control and then support another to grow and develop. We need more than getting FAT as a goal.

The one exercise some perpetual babes get is

1) jumping to conclusions,

2) running down their friends,

3) side stepping responsibilities,

4) pushing luck to limits.

We need a better exercise plan than this if we develop and have a life producing growth continually

Paul has a simple strategy for growth hidden in his writings.

6 steps that will cause a sustained growth.

See if you practice this 6 step plan?


Phil. 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord alway.

God’s plan of growth starts with attitudes and

thinking patterns. Research says, Talking to a

plant in a rejoicing voice causes the plant to

grow better.

(Read these verses, no cheaters and lazys, God’s

words work.


Luke 10:19-20;

1Peter 4:13;

John 15:11;

God designed you to have a full joy tank?

That is a discipline to keep rejoicing.


Phil.4:4 And again I say REJOICE.

Why use the literary tool of repetition?

To stress the importance of the point.

John 16:24;

Acts 2:28,

1John 1:4.

To continue doing anything, you must find joy.

With joy any job is easy.

Do you feel joy and gladness?

Do you express joy?

Who said, I was glad when they said unto me,

let us go to the house of the Lord?

Joy is our strength, Neh 8:10.

If your face looks like a mule, then what?


Phil 4:5 Let your moderation be made known unto all


We must be moderate, not dealing in extremes or


We need boundaries and to stay within the lines.

Mom always said excesses are the enemy’s territory.

We must not be carried away, easily swayed.

Signs follow the believer not believers following

the signs.

Aristotle taught the Golden Mean, and so did Jesus.


Phil 4:6 KJV Be careful for nothing,

I love this in the LB,

Don’t worry about anything.---

Worry kills, elevated blood pressure, ulcers, heart


Show me any house worry built?

A 1982 research paper suggested 70% of people in

the hospital was there directly or indirectly from


Read Psa. 55:22, we can’t carry our burdens, we are

designed to cast them on the Lord.

Praise brings God to us, worry brings the enemy.

Try Isa 26:3?

Worry is a type of doubt???

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