Summary: Church growth starts with a healthy congregation devoted to God and the church. Regardless of plans or programs the church will grow with God’s Holy Spirit.

I. The church consists of baptized believers

A. They accepted the message Peter preached

1. Old Testament Prophecy

2. Contemporary application

3. Jesus is Lord and Christ

B. They were baptized

C. Incredible growth

II. The people were devoted

A. If we are out of our minds it is for Christ’s sake

B. Devotion is extreme levels of:

1. Intentionality – focus

2. commitment

3. sacrifice

4. excellence

C. Devotion in three directions

1. Self – learning for the apostles (Inward)

2. Others (outward)

a) Fellowship

b) Breaking of bread

3. God – prayer (upward)

III. Life was not normal

A. Amazing things happened

1. When a church is moving w/ the power of the Holy Spirit outrageous things happen

2. We need to share the miracle in our personal lives with others

3. We must expect the impossible

B. Believers had a close community

1. common goals

2. mutual support

3. daily meeting

a) in public

b) in private

C. God’s ways are not man’s ways

1. Supernatural effects have a supernatural cause

2. Personal potential vs. divine potential

IV. Growth comes only from God

A. It is not a program

B. The Lord added numbers daily

1. Credit where credit is due

2. Moses never entered the promised land (Numb 20:12)

C. When God is consistently glorified he consistently works

1. People were saved daily

2. Not to the glory of the people but to the glory of God

V. A radical departure from normal is necessary

A. Exclusively through believers

B. Priorities must be turned upside down

C. Holy Spirit power

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