Summary: Christians take the grace of God for granted, and often complain about God’s blessings.

"Grumbling About Grace"

Matthew 20:1-16

Intro: Most of us hear the phrase "its not fair!" too many times to count. Sometimes we are the ones who are saying it. But of all the things to grumble about, Grace should not be one of them. Yet, we often do grumble about God’s grace.

Background: Matthew 19 Jesus was talking about how difficult it is for the wealthy to give up everything and to come to Christ. Peter spoke up and proclaimed that he and the other disciples had done just that, and was asking - "what do we get now?" Jesus then spoke of their reward, and concluded with the phrase, "the last shall be first and the first shall be last. This is the same way that He ends this parable in chapter 20:16

I. The Parable

A. The Workers -- vineyard owner goes out to the town square to hire workers for his field. He hires some at 6:00am, others at 9:00am, more at noon, others at 3:00pm, and yet more at 5:00pm.

B. The Wages -- the first he agrees to pay a denarius (one day’s wages), the rest he simply agrees to do "whatever is right." At the end of the day, he lines them up (the last to be hired are first in line) and pays them all the same - one day’s wages.

II. The Problems

A. Unusual & Unprofitable Business --

1. hired more men then he needed

2. payed out more than he was bring in - not good business

3. knew that paying them all the same would make the first hired unhappy - happy workers are productive workers.

B. Unfair -- anyone would complain if you were the first to be hired

III. The Principles Taught

A. Sometimes we Lose the Perspective of Grace

1. we forget that grace is not earned

2. we start to think that God owes us something

3. the owner did not have to hire any of the workers - God did not have to save any of us!

4. we become envious because God blesses some, and not us in the same way - we forget that they do not deserve it, nor do we

5. in Luke 17 Jesus reminds us that we are just servants doing out job and do not deserve special treatment

B. The Least worhty Praise God More

1. the last shall be first - those who recognize how unworthy they are are more thankful

2. when we think God owes us anything, we are not thankful or praising Him

Conclusion: the next time we are tempted to complain and say its not fair, let us rememebr that no part of salvation was fair to Christ, and all is undeserved by us!

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