Summary: Biblical way of guarding our unique existence from Satan’s attacks.

The Bible has been and always will be the best

source of spiritual knowledge. The devil is not

happy about it because the Bible teaches us on

how to guard our whole existence from his subtle

attacks. He hates the Bible because it exposes

his unnoticed ways of destroying human beings.

Since the downfall of man, through the

Scriptures, God has been so faithful to us,

telling us the ways of truth. God wants every man

to be saved through faith in the Lord Jesus

Christ and to be protected from the continual

attacks of the devil. He wants us to submit

ourselves first unto Him, and then resist the

devil, and we will have the assurance that the

devil will flee from us. What a blessed truth to

hold on to.

The temptation of our Lord Jesus in the

wilderness during His earthly ministry was an

excellent illustration on how to guard our whole

existence from the devil’s deception.

First, He reminds us that we are under God’s

care and we should not be intimidated by devil’s

fiery attacks. Second, He emphasizes that our

existence is not merely physical. The Lord

said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by

every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of

God.” He wants us to be aware of our whole

existence as we live here on earth. Our existence

is a wonderful creation of God. As we study

Matthew Chapter 4, it surely deepens our

consciousness regarding our unique existence. We

have our physical existence, emotional existence

and spiritual existence. Third, God wants us to

become victorious soldiers of Christ. The Matthew

4 account reminds us that we are on the winning

side because we are on the Lord’s side.

(I)The Devil Attacks Our Physical Being

Matthew 4:1-4 Romans 6:12, 13

Romans 13:14

-yielding our bodies to God as as a living

sacrifice protects us from Satan’s


-knowing and using the power of the Scripture

keep us away from yielding to temptation

Being aware of our physical being and our

instinct helps us to defend ourselves from the

harassment of our adversary, the devil.

(II)The Devil Attacks Our Emotional Being

Matthew 4:5-7

-we must watch and guard our emotion

-we must pull down our strongholds

II Cor. 10:3-6

-we must know how to handle the Word of God


-don’t let pride destroy our lives

-don’t forget Jeremiah 17:9

Familiarity of our emotional existence and our

own mental reasoning is a great advantage on our

part in times of emotional instability.

(III)The Devil Attacks Our Spiritual Being

Matthew 4:8-11

-we are in need of spiritual strength and


-we are in need of spiritual food which is

the Word of God

-we need an increase of faith

Knowing our spiritual existence keeps us

watchful to the attacks of our adversary. It

helps us to realize that literal bread cannot

sustain and nourish our spiritual being. Our

adversary’s desire is to weaken our faith and

change the true object of our worship, but our

Lord Jesus showed us an example to follow so we

could also overcome every temptation that comes

on our way. It’s always a blessing to put our

trust in Him and be aware of the power of

His Holy Word.

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