Summary: A Leader must be able to handle ridicule.

Handling Ridicule

Nehemiah 4:1-6

I. Opposition by Ridicule (1-3)

A. Ridiculed their Condition

‘feeble Jews’ (2)

B. Ridiculed the wisdom behind the project

‘will they restore their wall’ (2)

C. Ridiculed their trust in God

‘will they offer sacrifices’ (2)

D. Resorted to Disinformation

‘stones burned to rubble. Etc.’ (2)

E. Resorted to Exaggeration

‘fox break down wall’ (3)

1. Archaeologists found Nehemiah’s

wall to be 9 ft. thick

II. Offer of Prayer Against Reproach (4-5)

A. Request for divine judgment against sin

B. Request for God to act

III. Observation of Success (6)

A. Continuance of Work

B. Conviction of workers

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