Summary: There is a spiritual battle going on in our world and our own relatives and friends are being attacked; are we praying?

Let us continue our worship of God by continuing our study of the Book of Exodus. Please open your Bibles to Exodus 17….. By the way, we will celebrate Communion next week instead of today. We have been following the Hebrews now freed from Egypt and led and provided for my God. We have noted how similar we are to the Hebrews as we Christians today are led and provided for by God Jesus Christ in our journey here on earth as we are bound for heaven.

We noted from the beginning of Exodus 17 how the Hebrews ran out of water but in spite of the Hebrews grumbling and Moses’ disobedience, God provided water! Read along with me now Exodus 17:8-16…..

Let’s summarize the story.

v8: the Amalekites went to war with Israel! Now, knowing who the Israelites were at that time, why do you think the Amalekites attacked the Israelites??

The Amalekites were evil people who likely just wanted to rule over the Hebrews!

Now it does not tell us that Moses prayed but we know God was present in Moses’ life. From v9, why do you think Moses picked Joshua??

Joshua likely stood out in Egypt and as they traveled in the dessert and has proven himself strong and courageous.

v9a: Moses likely already knew that Joshua was a leader! Let us also note that men were ready and willing to follow Joshua!

Now again from v9, why do you think Moses made the decision to stand on top of a hill??

v9b: Moses knew they had to call on God to empower them and let us note that God responded positively!

Now look again at v10; we don’t read God saying anything but He could have, but if God didn’t say anything to Moses, why do you think Aaron and Hur went up the hill? We know they didn’t go up the hill; to fetch a pail of water because they had water coming out of a rock down below ?? why do you think Aaron and Hur went up the hill??

We know that Aaron was a ministry leader with Moses; we don’t know much about Hur but likely…

v10: Moses likely called on Aaron for support and this is what we note in v12!

If this was a movie, Aaron and Hur would have won for Best Supporting Roles!

Let’s all hold up our hands for a moment… close your eyes and picture your family and friends fighting in a war to death.. If you couldn’t physically help you family and friends fighting to the death, what can you do for them? What do you think Moses was doing??

v11: Likely, Moses was praying to God for safety and victory for the Hebrews as he lifted his hands.

Now, Aaron and Hur were right beside Moses and they saw that whenever Moses dropped his hands the battle was being won by the evil Amalekites!

v12? Aaron and Hur saw what was needed and they supported and prayed along with Moses!

In v13-14, we note that God asked Moses to record in writing the success of the Hebrews. Why do you think God made sure that Joshua understood what happened??

v13-14: God calls and prepares people for ministry and uses written records to note the power of God!

v15-16: Moses built an altar and called it “The Lord is my Banner”!

altar – where worship of God happens

Banner – represents one in public


1. There is evil in the world and we will face battles!

Like Moses did with Joshua,

2. Look for godly leaders in your life and minister with them!

3. Always call on God who can provide ultimate power over all battles

4. Have people in your life who you can call to support you because they are watching out for you!

5. Have people know where you worship and who you worship!

6. Pray often to God, for the glory of Jesus Christ, for safety and victory of your loved ones!

Think for a moment of your loved ones who may need safety and victory for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ….. Do you have them in mind??

Now, let us all lift up our hands to God, close our eyes and pray for safety and victory of our loved ones for the Glory of Jesus Christ….. Pray quietly for a moment right where you are…

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