Summary: The third in a series of seven messages based on Proverbs 6:16-19.

Seven Sins to Avoid

Sermon # 3

Hands that Shed Innocent Blood

Psalm 94: 20-23

Tonight we will focus on one the hottest spiritual and political topics of all time. Please set aside your Party prefrences and focus on God’s Word

I. Abortion Devalues life..

A. The sanctity of life is the idea that all human life is given as a gift of God and that only He has to authority to give or take it.

B. Isaiah 44: 24a

C. Jer 1:5

II. America Debates the Issue.

A. The debate rages in the media around the “Health of the Mother” Did you know that the Health of the Mother, Rape, and Inscest only account for 3% of Reported reasons for abortion.

B. The medical record

1) 18 days after conception heart beats on its own.

2) 6 weeks the fetus quickly moves in the womb.

3) Brain waves present at 8 weeks & child grabs, swims freely, heartbeat measurable.

4) 12 weeks cries, sucks thumb, sleeps and wakes, All organs systems function, including mental. Can definitely feel pain.

5) From this point on nothing new develops just growth

and maturing process.

C. The viability debate.---Dr. Kent Hovind from Creation Science Evangelism says “I know 35 year old men that are not viable (able to exist without the assistance of their parents.) but we don’t support killing them…ha.”

D. The Word of God declares personhood of a child yet in the womb

Psalms 139:16

E. Dr. C. Everett Koop has said that in the future euthanasia will dwarf abortion in size and scope.

“A woman can be the twin sister of her mother, lack a biological father and be the daughter of her grandmother — if cloning scientists get their way.

The science of cloning is so inexact that 99 percent of all experiments fail, according David Humpherys, who co-authored a study by the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"The (cloned) animals that make it to birth just have the fewest problems, but that’s not to say that we should expect them to be normal in any sort of way," Humpherys said.

Extend that to humans, and Humpherys said the result would be severely handicapped children.

"I think it’s fair to say, certainly at this point in time, that human cloning is a very poor idea."

Still, a determined band of scientists want to move ahead, confident they can solve the genetic anomalies. One is led by New Age priest Rael, whose company, called Clonaid, wants to help parents show future generations that "you can be like us."

That bothers Richard Doerflinger, a bioethicist with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"We have a process before us that essentially reduces human procreation to total manufacture in the laboratories to specifications pre-ordained by others — the manufacture of human life as a commodity," Doerflinger said.

He noted that cloning perverts the basic relationships God has ordained.

"A woman can be the twin sister of her mother, lack a biological father and be the daughter of her grandmother."

Scientific setbacks and a Congress that may be willing to ban human cloning outright may render such bizarre scenarios moot, however.

Two competing bills are being considered in the House of Representatives. One measure, sponsored by Rep. Dave Weldon, R- Fla., in the House, and Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., in the Senate, calls for criminal penalties — fines and imprisonment — for anyone that would clone a human being for any reason.

Unfortunately, a rival bill, sponsored by Rep. James Greenwood, R-Pa., would ban cloning for reproductive purposes, but would allow "therapeutic" cloning — the use of duplicated human embryos in medical research. Proponents of this partial ban want testing to go forward in hopes that it might yield cures for diseases or offer other health benefits.

"The Greenwood bill would only go half-way," said Carrie Gordon Earll, bioethics analyst at Focus on the Family. "The only way to effectively restrict cloning is to implement a comprehensive ban on both forms of cloning." ---Focus on the Family web site

III. Abortion invites God’s Wrath.



1) 2 Kings 24:3-4 tells us that God will not pardon the shedding of innocent blood.

2) Psalms 106:37-40.

B. So What do we do?

1) We seek God’s forgiveness as a nation. 14If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chron 7:14

2) Call abortion & Euthanasia murder.

3) Elect officials that will try to stop the moral mud slide.

ILL. About a man that had Alzheimer’s disease and was nursing home bed fast for 4 years. When it looked like there was no reasoning for him to stay on this earth the Lord did a miraculous work in his departure.

Let’s just let God be God……..

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